Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

LISTEN: Steve Aoki Drops “Love You More” With And EXO’s Lay

A great new collaboration has hit the music world!

On March 20th, the new track “Love You More” was released. The song was released by Steve Aoki as a collaboration with global star and EXO member and Chinese pop star Lay.

Lay takes on the vocals of the track, delivering a high falsetto that is different from his other vocals, thus managing to please fans with the pure sound and unique style that shows his versatility. Meanwhile, delivers the rap portions with ease, giving depth to the song as hard-hitting beats and smooth synth sounds carry the track with ease.

In a statement to Billboard, Steve Aoki revealed that he has wanted to work with Lay and for quite some time. “Collaborating with Lay and Will was definitely one for the books. I’ve wanted to work with both artists for a while, so having them on one track together brought so much value to the creative process. Lay with his unmistakable vocals and Will with his hard ad-libs took this song to the next level and merged all of our worlds in the process.”

Also speaking to Billboard, stated that the combination of East meets West is “cultural exchange at its finest.” He revealed, “Working with Aoki is always magical, and Lay is an amazing artist.” Meanwhile, Lay himself stated, “I feel honored to work with and exchange culture between these two. I hope more of these cross-culture collaborations can happen!”

Steve Aoki is no stranger to multi-cultural collaborations and has let his admiration for Eastern artists known through his word. In 2017, he worked with powerhouse K-pop group BTS on a remix of their song “MIC Drop” before releasing another collaboration with BTS through “Waste It On Me” in 2018. He then went on to collaborate with popular idol group MONSTA X in 2019 with “Play It Cool.”

Check out the official audio to the track below!

Media: Ultra Music
Source: Billboard