Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

LISTEN: Sooyoon Of Royal Pirates Is Front And Centre In Solo Track “Deep Down Low”

Kim Sooyoon, best known as the drummer of the Korean rock band Royal Pirates, released his second single in three years. The new song is entitled “Deep Down Low” and was released on June 19th!

The singer-songwriter experienced a gap in his music activities after Royal Pirates went on hiatus and he completed his military service. During that time, he has matured even more as a musician, which is evident throughout his new, catchy tune.

Sooyoon worked directly on the song by composing, writing, arranging, and playing every instrument heard on the track. Additionally, his vocals shine effortlessly which may come as a surprise to some listeners who only know him from behind the drum kit. 

“Deep Down Low” is an addictive indie rock record for fans who appreciate sincere musicianship.

Check it out below!

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