Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

LISTEN: New Preview Released For Upcoming BTS Song “Don’t Leave Me”

A preview of BTS‘s upcoming song has been revealed!

The new song, entitled “Don’t Leave Me,” is a track of the group’s upcoming Japanese album, as well as the OST for the Japanese remake of the Korean drama “Signal.” The lead actor, Sakaguchi Kentaro, shared a preview of the song on his radio program, leading fans to go wild over the smooth sound and clear vocals of the members.

The actor talked about the song and how it helped him get into his role for the drama, “When the producer said ‘this is the song’, even tho it had a very popping bass, I felt a hot vibe from it. It shared the same vibe as the drama I’m filming now, ‘Signal’. I had to build my character and it helped me amplify my imagination.” He also stated, “It’s an awesome song. I want to make ‘Signal’ great with this song. I want to listen to BTS’ songs even more. It’s the first song I heard from them but I realized how awesome they are with such a fresh vibe.”

BTS’s new album is entitled Face Yourself and will be released on April 4th. This will mark their third Japanese album.

Check out the preview below! Who’s excited for this new song from BTS?

Media: Big Hit Entertainment
Translation: YV (Twitter)

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