Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

LISTEN: NCT’s Taeyong Takes Initiative In Candid “Swimming Pool” SoundCloud Track

For two days, fans have been waiting for NCT‘s Taeyong to release another song on his SoundCloud account. He posted teasers on his Instagram, including a freestyle dance video which hyped up his fans in anticipation of his newest project.

“Swimming Pool” was released on June 28th at midnight KST. With a feeling somewhat similar to a previous track entitled “Blue,” “Swimming Pool” utilizes a slight rock style, raspy vocals, and heavy water themes. It also has deep pulsing bass and soothing synths.

Taeyong wrote the lyrics and composed the song with Zayson, a friend of Taeyong’s who also arranged the piece. In a recent V Live, Taeyong mentioned that after this song, he plans to release two more songs on his SoundCloud for the year.

Follow Taeyong’s SoundCloud here, and check out the new song below!

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