Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

LISTEN: Former 9MUSES’ Hyuna And Hyemi Go “Walking” In City Pop Collaboration

Moon Hyuna and Pyo Hyemi, former members of the popular girl group 9MUSES, have joined forces and released a collaboration track, entitled “Walking,” on May 10th. 

The song is based on the genre city pop and expresses the excitement of walking along a river bridge or in the city with a lover. 

The duet marks Hyuna’s second collaboration with a former member of 9MUSES after she first released the catchy “Doong Doong” track with Euarine, the charismatic rapper of the group, in 2017. 

Both leaders of the Star Empire girl group at different times, Hyemi took over the role when then-leader Hyuna graduated from 9MUSES in 2016 after six years of activities. At the time of the group’s disbandment, Hyemi was the sole member remaining from the group’s original debut lineup and the only member to participate in all of 9MUSES’ activities.

Along with the exciting collaboration, fans are also celebrating the news of Hyuna’s first pregnancy which the singer announced via Instagram back in March. There must be something in the water for the muses, because member Sungah recently gace birth to her first child in March and Eunji announced her pregnancy in December 2019. 

Listen to the official audio for “Walking” below!

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