Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

LISTEN: D.I (GreatGuys’ Dongin) Releases First Self-Produced Mixtape “Thinking Box”

Dongin of GreatGuys, under his rap pseudonym D.I, released his first mixtape on September 30th at 1 p.m. KST!

Entirely self-produced by Dongin, Thinking Box includes double title tracks. “Racer” is a pop-punk song with fast-paced rap delivery and an addictive electric guitar melody. It talks about the drive of running towards your goals like a race-car driver on the track. Meanwhile, “나침반” (meaning “Compass”) is a more somber tune. Its lyrics inspire listeners to never give up in spite of feeling lost and D.I showcases a particularly sincere vocal performance as he delivers the message.

The two songs highlight D.I’s diverse musical sensibilities which are represented throughout the 11-track mixtape. The album’s first seven tracks display D.I’s signature combination of fiery rap and emotive vocals through a variety of genres and unique soundscapes. Conversely, the three succeeding songs see Dongin present his fellow GreatGuys members front and center with Baekgyeol, Hwalchan, and Daun performing solo tracks written and produced by the rapper.

Closing out Thinking Box is a unit song titled “Memory” which is a love letter to GreatGuys’ fandom (called Grace) that features D.I with members Horyeong, Haneul, Uiyeon, and Hwalchan. The mixtape’s cover art was made by company DNA Entertainment CEO Lee Jaesung as revealed by Dongin via a post on Instagram. 

The rapper has participated in writing and composing every GreatGuys release with the exception of their debut track, “Last Men.” Furthermore, he currently has 50 self-produced songs on the group’s company SoundCloud account.

Listen to Thinking Box below! 

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MEDIA: DNA Entertainment