Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

LISTEN: AleXa And Bader AlShuaibi Presents “Is It On” Cross-Border Spotify Collaboration

Worlds collide with the introduction of K-pop artist AleXa and Kuwaiti-Saudi star Bader AlShuaibi‘s collaborative track “Is It On” on May 21st KST!

Sung in an enthralling mix of languages, the song is described as “a K-pop style track with high energy based on a distinctive reggaeton rhythm with a fresh melody line and a catchy lead sound and a drop.” Its lyrics (written by KOOL CATMoodeORAE (오래), and Bader AlShuaibi) sing about being spellbound with someone and describing how fiercely they want to be with them.

Spotify worked on the project for over a year (from arranging the collaboration to its production and preparing promotions for the single) to bring together two cultures through music. “Is It On” marks the first time that RADAR KOREA and RADAR MENA joined forces.

The RADAR program is a global artist program by Spotify that aims to showcase emerging talents on a wider platform. It provides the said talents with “resources and access to integral marketing opportunities to help them boost their careers, in addition to expanded reach and exposure” which in turn enables them to develop a stronger connection with their audience.

RADAR KOREA began in August 2020, with AleXa stepping in as its first featured artist and becoming the second most-streamed singer on the program for that year. Meanwhile, RADAR MENA touts Bader AlShuaibi as one of the location’s rising faces and a strong presence for the future of Arabic pop.

The steady incline of the K-pop genre in the MENA region gave Spotify the motivation to amplify the potential for crossovers and to introduce both artists to a wider audience.

In a press release for the project, Spotify’s Head of Global Music Programs Andy Sloan-Vincent highlights that, “Music has no borders. Spotify will continue to enable cross-collaboration of rising artists from different regions, helping to connect K-pop with the world in creative ways.”

Spotify was launched back in 2008 and grew into today’s dominant audio streaming entity which holds a constantly growing collection of around 70 million tracks and 4 billion playlists. The service houses countless artists whose contents are conveniently enjoyed by its community of 356 million listeners across 178 markets.

Listen to the track here!

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