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LISTEN: 100% Delivers Beautiful Farewell Song Ahead Of Disbandment With “Can’t Say Goodbye”

On September 27th at 6 p.m KST, 100% released their final song, “Can’t Say Goodbye,” as a farewell gift to fans who have supported them over the past 9 years.

TOP Media has recently announced that 100% will officially disband on October 9th KST, following the members’ (Rockhyun, Jonghwan, Chanyong, and Hyukjin’s) contract expiration.

Unlike many groups’ farewell songs that opt for the traditional emotional ballad song, 100% stayed true to form and have released an upbeat, bright, tropical house number that expresses memories of love they have received from fans, and the promising hope of a new beginning. It was composed and arranged by CiaNo, seizetheday, and nomad of 153/Joombas while all the 100% members increased the song’s sentimental value by participating in the lyrics.

Prior to the release of “Can’t Say Goodbye,” both TOP Media and 100% shared their own statements on the sad news that the group’s activities will be coming to an end.

Thank you so much to the fans who love and support the 100% group members.
TOP Media and 100% members Rockhyun, Jonghwan, Chanyong, and Hyukjin’s exclusive contracts will end on October 9th, 2021. After deep consultation with the members, we have decided to end 100%’s activities.
Since their debut in September 2012, 100% has been active in both Korea and Japan for 9 years, and has been loved by many as a group with both performance and singing skills.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the members who have been working good activities with TOP Media for a long time, and we will continue to support the members in the future.
We ask for your warm attention and encouragement for the new starts of Rockhyun, Jonghwan, Chanyong, and Hyukjin.
Thank you.

TOP Media

We are greeting you as 100% for the last time.
It feels really difficult to leave a place you’ve stayed for a long time.
It been so long but now that the time has passed it feels really short.
As 100% members, it was such a valuable 9 years to be together with each other as colleagues. I sincerely thank Perfection for loving us even though we lack a lot.
Thank you for giving us our 20s being together, we were really happy.
We hope we can be happy in the future, and we will be back to show you new sides of ourselves.
Thanks to Perfection, we were able to cheer up, have fun and be happy. Thanks to Perfection, we enjoyed our youth with gratitude.
Always be happy. Everyone.
Thank you for loving 100% until now.
We’ll see you with a different image.

100% Rockhyun, Hyukjin, Chanyong, Jonghwan

100% originally debuted as seven in 2012 with members Sanghoon (who has since gotten married last year) and Changbum (who went on to become leader of boy group VERMUDA) departing from the group in 2014 and 2016, respectively.

The group achieved ample success in Korea, Japan, and beyond with countless hits that are still considered necessary listening for every K-pop fan who wants to understand why third generation groups – such as 100% – are so adored to this day. 

In 2018, a few weeks after fans celebrated the group’s 2000th day since debuting as a team, beloved 100% leader and vocalist Seo Minwoo suddenly passed away. Known for his kindness, sincerity, and warmth towards everyone who knew him – especially as a loving leader to his members – the group’s future became uncertain.

The members eventually made the decision to continue with their activities as a promise to Perfection and to honor Minwoo, proceeding with their scheduled concerts in Tokyo and Osaka where 100% experienced much success.

During the shows, the group took the time to celebrate Minwoo. Member Hyukjin stated that, “the 5 of us are always together” and a video featuring tender memories of Minwoo with 100% and Perfection began playing. The group went on to perform the song “Cherry” –  which was originally prepared as Minwoo’s solo song prior to his passing – with five microphone stands on stage as a tribute to their leader. Highlights from the special concert can still be found on a Naver Post by TOP Media, as well as in an episode of the group’s video series “The Real 100%.”

The group went on to have 3 Korean comebacks and 2 Japanese promotions afterwards. In another display of their tight bond, the members decided to enlist together during the latter half of 2019. Chanyong received a medical discharge in late 2020 while Rockhyun, Jonghwan, and Hyukjin finished their military service this year with hopeful fans awaiting their return as a group.

Member Rockhyun uploaded a video on his YouTube channel (록차ROCKCHA) which showed a collection of various photos and videos taken from 100%’s activities over the past 9 years. “I couldn’t keep them all but I collected the things that are currently in my phone,” he shares through the video description.

The other members also have their own YouTube channels with Hyukjin creating one with his best friend Jaegwan and called it “죽마GO TV” while Jonghwan and Chanyong have their own named “조나리TV” and “챈튜브” respectively.

Although “Can’t Say Goodbye” doesn’t have a music video, TOP Media has shared a behind the scenes video of the recording process on the 100% official channel.

As the members wrap up their group activities, 100% will continue to live on in the hearts of Perfection and through the unforgettable memories that were made over the past 9 years. We wish the members all the very best in their future paths and endeavors.

“Can’t Say Goodbye” is available now on all music platforms, you can listen to it below!

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