Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Lee Kwangsoo Talks About His Preparation For Nude Scene In New Drama

Popular Running Man star and Hallyu actor Lee Kwangsoo has revealed that his new drama will have him bearing more than he originally thought!

On November 3rd, a press conference was held with the writer, producer and stars of the upcoming drama, “The Sound of Your Heart.”

During the press conference, Lee Kwangsoo revealed that he had already been nervous about the role since he would be playing the role of a cartoonist. In real life, he is a big fan of webtoons, therefore he felt pressure to succeed at his portrayal of a webtoon author and cartoonist. In addition though, he talked about how he felt when he learned he would have to do a nude scene during the drama.

The actor stated, “The director said before filming that there would be some mudity, so I was preparing myself mentally. I thought it was obviously going to be nudity on the upper half (shirtless scene), but it turned out to be nudity on the lower half. So I prepared my body instead.”

The drama co-stars actress Jung So Min, who is most famous for her lead role in the drama “Playful Kiss.”

The drama will begin airing on November 7th on Naver TV Cast, followed by a televised version on KBS in December.

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