Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Label SJ Announces Choi Siwon Will Not Participate In Comeback Promotions

Label SJ has announced that Choi Siwon will not be participating in group promotions for their comeback.

On October 31st KST, the SM Entertainment sub-label revealed that the singer and actor would be not be a part of the promotions for the group’s comeback with Play. The statement was released via Super Junior’s official website:

Hello, this is Label SJ.

We have disappointing news to share to all the people who have been looking forward to Super Junior’s highly anticipated comeback.

Sadly, Siwon will not be participating in Super Junior’s broadcast promotions after they make their comeback on November 6th with their eighth album, “Play.”

We apologize to everyone who has been waiting for the group’s comeback. We would appreciate your continued support for Super Junior’s new album and acitivites.

Thank you.

-Label SJ

Siwon has been in the spotlight recently after it was revealed that his family’s dog bit a neighbor, eventually leading to their death when the wound became infected with sepsis.

Given the dog’s past history of biting people, netizens became outraged when it became apparent that the dog was out of the house without a leash at the time he bit the neighbor. At first, it was stated that the dog accidentally got out of the house at the time of the accident, but CCTV later showed that it was more likely that the dog was knowingly outside without a leash and accompanied by a family member (said to be Siwon’s father).

Although netizens believed the dog should have been put down after attributing to the death of the victim, the family made the decision to send him away to live in the country.

It seems that the recent issues are what has led Siwon to pull out of the group’s promotions for their comeback.

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