Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Korean Hip-Hop Label H1GHR Music Invites Fans To Be Part Of New Music Video

Fans of Korean Hip-Hop label H1GHR Music Records have a chance to be part of the label’s upcoming music video!

On August 15th, H1GHR Music Records announced they will be accepting personal videos of special moments from fans to be included in an official MV. The selected videos will be part of an audiovisual production of a track on BLUE TAPE, one of two albums being released to celebrate the third anniversary of the label, the first album being RED TAPE. The label’s goal is to make the music video “a great collection of significant moments from the artists and audience, as a sort of retrospective of this global crew.”

The RED TAPE and BLUE TAPE albums, to be released September 2nd and 16th respectively, will include a variety of songs with music videos and other original content. The project will be a landmark for H1GHR Music Records with featured artists including CEO Jay Park, pH-1, Sik-K, Golden, GroovyRoom, BIG Naughty, HAON, DJ SMMT, TRADE L, Woogie, producer Woodie Gochild, and more.

To participate, fans must select a personal video of precious and cheerful moments, if possible in a horizontal format, and forward it to the email moment@h1ghrmusic.com between August 15th and 21st (Korean time zone). There are no limitations to the file format or video length. Include the title, in the following order: your nationality, your city, and your name.

H1GHR Music Records is a global Hip-Hop and R&B label founded in 2017 by producer, businessman, and rapper Jay Park, along with North American singer and songwriter Cha Cha Malone. The company aims to promote new talents in the duo’s homes of Seoul and Seattle, as well as internationally.

Check out the release schedule and promo videos below.

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