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Korean Artist DOE (AWURA/MIXXBLU) Set To Steal Hearts Across The U.S. With New Tour Dates

Korean artist DOE is captivating fans one venue at a time with his current U.S. tour!

DOE, full name Kim Doe, is a 22-year-old independent Korean music artist who dipped into the entertainment scene in 2017 before eventually debuting as a soloist in 2018. He also worked twice in idol groups after starting his solo artist career.

He goes by three stage names, each representing different paths he takes throughout his varied career. He works as an entertainer and businessman as DOE, but he cultivates his music career under the performance names AWURA and MIXXBLU. AWURA is used for his work as a singer, rapper, and music producer, while MIXXBLU encompasses his stints as a DJ.

DOE steadily built a fan base in Asia from 2018 to 2020, including many fans in Korea and China, through his Asian tour. He then started his U.S. activities last year with his first U.S. tour. He is a fast-rising artist, gaining ground in the U.S. with his second tour— 2022 “AMA” U.S. Tour.

The artist’s single album OH! [5!] was released in late March 2022. Since then, he announced that a new single album would be released in mid-June. More excitement is in store as he is known to be preparing more music and his stubborn dedication has already gained him a reputation among fans as an artist who is constantly striving forward.

DOE is set to perform at a K-pop Concert organized by The Korean American Association of Greater Atlanta as part of the “Korean American SE Sports Festival.” He will be returning to Texas afterward for the “Summer Seoul Festival” and the “K-pop Tatertot Summer Bash.” Fans not in these areas shouldn’t lose hope, however, as DOE’s tour will continue through October with more dates and cities to be announced soon!

If you want to know more about DOE and his music, stay tuned for his upcoming interview with WTK! Meanwhile, you can also find out more information about his activities by keeping track of his official accounts below:

Instagram Accounts:

Facebook Accounts:
DODO.FOR3v3R Fan Page

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