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Kim Heechul Reveals Why He Cried After Super Junior’s Last Practice

Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul has always been known for his honesty, and that was proven once more on the recent episode of “Life Bar.”

On the September 28th episode of the tvN show, the famous idol and MC showed up wearing dark sunglasses. When the cast became curious as to why he was wearing glasses during an indoor shoot, one of the guests joked and asked if he had gotten plastic surgery. Heechul then surprised everyone when he admitted his eyes were very puffy from crying after practicing with Super Junior for their comeback.

He went on to explain that his body still pains him from the severe injuries he suffered from his famous car accident. In August of 2006, Heechul was on the way home from the funeral of Lee Donghae‘s father. During the long drive back to Seoul, the tires of his vehicle malfunctioned and resulted in an accident. He suffered five severe fractures throughout his entire left leg, essentially shattering it from his ankle to his thigh. He also sustained other injuries which resulted in stitches and was in surgery for over six hours to place multiple metal rods throughout his leg in order to reconstruct it. The injuries went on to result in another surgery later on, leaving Heechul in a long-term recovery where he tried to continue his activities, despite even having to use a wheelchair at the time.

Although fans have long been aware of the difficulties that his injuries haven given him when following choreography, he has never truly spoken out plainly about the pain that he still suffers even now, despite the fact that he still has to undergo treatment for his injuries all these years later.

During the show, he revealed, “My eyes are really swollen because I cried for an hour [after practice]. My ankles are bad because of my car accident in the past, but I still practiced for Super Junior’s comeback. My ankle hurt so badly though. When I got home and laid down, I couldn’t even get back up from my bed. I was so scared that my tears just burst out. So, I cried my eyes out for an entire hour.” Perhaps feeling a little awkward after revealing so much, he then tried to brush off his tears by continuing, “I think [it was just because] the female hormones increase [in men] as you get older.”

While it is indeed a scientific fact that female hormones can increase in men with age, causing more emotional reactions and responses (as well as other things), it’s undeniable that Heechul must have truly been suffering from pain to cry so heavily that he still had to wear glasses during filming.

We hope for Heechul’s continued healing and strength as he continues to forge ahead in his music career.

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Media: Naver

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