Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Kim Heechul & Min Kyung Hoon Achieve All-Kill On Charts With New Song “Sweet Dream”

Kim Heechul of Super Junior and Min Kyung Hoon of Buzz have officially achieved all-kill status with their new song “Sweet Dream.”

Following the release of the collaboration track, the song went straight to the top of many charts such as Mnet, Genie, and Naver Music. A little over 24 hours after its release however, it officially achieved all-kill status when it hit first place on Melon charts as well, making it move to the number one position on every single major Korean music chart.

The song was released as an SM STATION track in cooperation with the duo’s variety show “Knowing Bros.” The other cast members of the show hand a hand in producing and preparing the MV, even making cameos in the video itself. “Knowing Bros” is a newer variety show that has recently gained a hardcore group of viewers and fans. As it has being subtitled, it is also developing a large international fan base as well.

Although the video is done humorously and with great comedic effort in keeping with the show, the song itself is a serious, emotional, rock ballad that speaks to the hearts of fans. Min Kyung Hoon is famous for his soaring ballad voice, while Heechul is known for his love of trot and rock. As a result, the song features a perfect blend of harmonies as the artists compliment each other’s styles beautifully.

The song is only the second SM STATION song to ever achieve all-kill status— the first being Taeyeon‘s song “Rain.” With this all-kill status, “Sweet Dream” has become the song to finally unseat TWICE‘s “TT” as the number one song in Korea.

Congratulations to the artists for their great accomplishment! Check out the song below.


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