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KCON Mexico Confirms March Dates And Announces Monsta X As First Artist

On January 12th, the organizers of the world’s largest Kpop event confirmed that KCON will now be expanding to the country of Mexico!

The festival will be held for the first time in Mexico City on March 17th-18th, bringing two days of Kpop fun to fans and giving them the chance to learn more about K-beauty, K-dramas, Korean food, and much more!

What makes this event so special is the fact that fans will be able to enjoy “meet and greet” events with their favorite groups, along with a big concert featuring all their favorite idol groups.

KCON Mexico announced that the first artist to be included in the lineup is the popular idol group Monsta X! It is expected that in the course of the following days, the entire lineup of artists, as well as the MCs and special guests, will be announced one by one.

Everyone was in so much shock from the news that the topic quickly became a trend on Twitter. The phrases “KCON Mexico” and “Monsta X” soon rose to the top of the most talked about topics in Mexico.

KCON began in 2012 in Southern California, bringing many fans of the Hallyu Wave together in a one of a kind event. Since then, the festival has grown tremendously, becoming the main Kpop event each year in the USA with shows in LA and NYC. It has also expanded across the globe, allowing Kpop to break down the borders with events in France, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates. Last year, the concerts held in Paris and Abu Dhabi attracted a total of 180,000 attendees.

KCON Mexico is being brought to the country courtesy of organizers SAT Marketing and CJ E&M America. Operations Director Angela Killoren stated, “It was only a matter of time before the festival reached Latin America- a place that, in these past few years, has been the home of a growing passion for Korean culture. Taking this celebration to Mexico City is the next goal for KCON where we can connect the Mexican fans with their Kpop idols.”

There is no doubt that this new year is heading in the right direction for Mexico in terms of Kpop, and we know fans will have a blast when this world famous event finally arrives in their country!

WTK will continue to inform fans about the upcoming event as details become available, so make sure to stay tuned! In the meantime, check out the official Facebook page for KCON Mexico by clicking HERE.

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MeiZu0606 is a WTK writer based in Mexico City. She is a huge fan of SS501 and is the president of both the Triple S and Henecia fanclub in Mexico. She also loves other groups like Seventeen, EXO, BTS and U-KISS. Her all-time favorite bias is Kim Hyun Joong.

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