Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

KBS To Reportedly Film New Audition Show For 500 Struggling Idols

Following on the heels of successful audition shows like “Produce 101,” it is reported that KBS will begin a new audition show that will be bigger and better than all the rest!

The show, entitled “The Final 99 Match” (working title), will supposedly be aimed at idol singers who never reached a strong level of fame in the Kpop world. With as many as 100 groups debuting every year, the chances for success as an idol singer are slim. Whether it’s due to the demanding industry, strong competition, or even just bad luck, there are many idols whose careers are over before they even begin!

With this in mind, KBS hopes to give them a final opportunity to reach their dreams. The plan is to allow 500 struggling idols or former idols to participate in a massive survival show for the chance to debut. Half of the group will be female idols and half will be male idols. The end result will be nine people from each category will debut. They may debut as a larger co-ed group, or they may debut in a female group and male group. Regardless of the final results, however, the main thing is that no trainees or idol hopefuls can participate. Only former idols or ones barely hanging on will be included.

The largest shock to fans though is that the budget is currently set at 7 billion won— an absolutely massive budget! Whether this will all come to fruition though still remains to be seen.

With the recent focus on struggling idol groups like NU’EST, Topp Dogg, and more on “Produce 101: Season 2” and girl group members from DIA and Co-Ed School in the first season, it seems the public is interested in giving similar deserving people a second chance before it’s too late! One drawback though is that many netizens are already unhappy with such a large budget, while others feel the concept has been copied from Mnet.

What do you think of this show’s concept? Let us know in the comment section below, and stay tuned for more details!

Source: Naver

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