Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Kang Sunghoon Withdraws From SECHSKIES And Leaves YG Entertainment

Kang Sunghoon is leaving SECHSKIES and YG Entertainment.

On January 1st, Kang Sunghoon posted an official statement on Hoony World announcing his decision. He said that with many unexpected misunderstandings happening lately, he has been cautious about sharing his official statement. He then went on to say he is now suffering issues with his mental health and after a lot of thought, he has decided to leave both SECHKIES and YG Entertainment.

He went on to express his regret that he wouldn’t be able to meet fans again after making them wait so long and went on to apologize to the other members for the problems they have been through because of him. He then asked fans to continued supporting SECHKIES for a long time, closing once more with another expression of thankfulness and an apology.

YG Entertainment later confirmed the news that Kang Sunghoon and the company came to an agreement to terminate his exclusive contract.

This shocking move comes after several controversies that occurred over the past year involving Kang Sunghoon. Such issues included: the cancellation of his Taiwanese fan meeting, his fanclub’s management problems, a trespassing case involving a former manager, and fraud accusations.

The group has been together for over two decades as one of the most influential and famous K-pop groups of their generation. In fact, in just a few months the group will be celebrating their 22nd anniversary.

We wish both Kang Sunghoon and SECHSKIES well in their future projects!

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