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BTS Reveals Highlight Reel For “Love Yourself” Series

UPDATED: BTS has revealed a short film for the “Love Yourself” series in the form of a highlight reel. The members are seen on different dates and in different areas around the city.

Does the concept seem clearer after watching the video? Check it out below!

Yesterday, WTK talked about the tragic, movie-like story that was being hinted at in the teaser posters for BTS‘s upcoming “Love Yourself” series. Today, it seems BTS has proven that theory to be true by releasing a note that begins the sad tale. However, it seems the story is actually filling in the blanks from the music videos and concept that began during “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” series.

In a fictional diary entry from Jin (entitled “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: The Notes”), the story has become partially revealed. More diary entries from other members are expected soon that will continue to tell the story.

Read the full translation below, courtesy of Soompi:

13 June YEAR 22

After we returned from that sea, we were all alone.

We didn’t contact each other, as if we’d planned not to. We could only guess at each other’s existence through the graffiti that was left on the streets, the gas station with its lights still shining brightly, and the sound of the piano that came from the old building. All of those times, the afterimage of that night would come back like a ghost. Taehyung’s eyes that shone like a flame, the way they looked at me as though they had heard something they couldn’t believe, Namjoon’s hand that had stopped Taehyung, me who couldn’t take it and ended up swinging at Taehyung with my fist.”

Was it the sound of this piano in the old building?

“I couldn’t find Taehyung who had run out, and when I went back to our lodgings at the seaside, no one was there. The only reminders of the events of a few hours before were a broken glass cup, blood that was starting to stain, and broken pieces of snacks. There was a photo that had fallen in there. In the photo that had a background of the sea, we were together and laughing.”

Was it this picture of them together at the beach?

“I just passed by the gas station again today. A day will come when we will meet again. A day will come when we’re laughing together like we are in the photo. A day will come when I’ll have the courage to fully face myself. But as of now, I still don’t. A humid breeze was blowing today too, like on that day. And then the next moment, like a warning, my phone rang. The photo hanging on my rear view mirror shook. Hoseok’s name had come up on the display…. They say that Jungkook was in a car accident that night.”

Was this the picture in Jin’s vehicle?

When the note from Jin was revealed, fans immediately begin saying things from multiple past MVs were becoming clearer. As such, they are already looking forward to more details that will be revealed in the additional notes expected from BTS. The reference to Jungkook being in a car accident and the fact that the new “Love Yourself” posters show Jungkook in a wheelchair at a hospital makes fans think the stories will all definitely be connected even through the next series as well. It seems likely since one of the new posters also says “Save Me,” referencing “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” era. In addition, fans have already noticed things that connect that era to the upcoming “Love Yourself” series— flowers, lyrics, quotes, and more.

What do you think of Jin’s diary entry? What do you feel like is the meaning behind it all? Will it end up being connected with the “Love Yourself” series? Does it shed any light on BTS’s past MVs for you?

Let us know in the comment section below! Meanwhile, check out the original diary entry below.

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