Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

INTERVIEW: M.O.N.T Chats About Hobbies, Hidden Talents, Favorite Songs & More

Earlier this spring, K-pop group M.O.N.T was set to hold their second U.S. tour in connection with the production and events company ATLocal. However, due to the global pandemic, the group had to cancel their tour. Instead, they held a guerilla date with fans with a more intimate setting and smaller crowds.

At the group’s event at Momo Cafe in Atlanta, What The Kpop was present to see how it all went down. M.O.N.T held adorable fan services throughout the evening such as a barista time where the members made coffee for fans and served it to them with plenty of smiles, laughter, and conversation. In addition to their outdoor busking event (where many passerbys also stopped to hear their great vocals and catchy music), the group also held a fan sign and did photo ops as well.

Before the event got started, however, What The Kpop sat down with members Bitsaeon, Narachan, and Roda to talk about the group, their future music, personal hobbies, and much more. Speaking with ease in English for most of the interview, they chatted with our staff like friends, showing off charming personalities and down-to-earth attitudes that would immediately make anyone become a fan.

Thanks to their friendliness and laughter, the interview passed easily in simple conversation. However, the group is also totally professional when it comes to their music. Whether it’s their current activities or future tracks, the young K-pop idols have serious faces when talking about their plans and how hard they are working to improve their craft.

As the event continued and the group sang cheerfully in the cool, night air of Atlanta as the stars shone overhead, fans’ faces smiled brightly as they watched M.O.N.T performing. Phone cameras were rolling, giggles and soft squeals were heard from various fans, and waves and calls were sent in the direction of the members— all of which the group took in with good nature and smiles as they interacted with fans.

The night was peaceful and serene, a welcome change to the scary atmosphere as COVID-19 was just beginning to hit the U.S. in full force at the time. In fact, the events were the last ones held before M.O.N.T returned to Korea and went on break from activities. However, for that night in Atlanta, the healing effect of music and laughter and youth was felt in full force.

Overall, M.O.N.T proved once again just why fans continue to fall for their charms, as well as for their talent.

Check out the video interview below with M.O.N.T, then come back tomorrow for the photo gallery of exclusive images from the night!

Media: What The Kpop