Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

IMFACT’s Na Ungjae Launches Own Company “The Faker Club” Featuring Former BIGSTAR Member Raehwan

Na Ungjae, the youngest member of Star Empire Entertainment boy group IMFACT, has established his own company called The Faker Club!

A new 2021 project was first hinted at just before 2020 came to a close. Cryptic teaser images were posted on three different Instagram accounts belonging to Ungjae, former BIGSTAR member Raehwan, and designer Sulju.

Revealing a little more information with each new teaser in the following days, widespread fan speculation suggested a possible comeback or unit debut. 

The answer was finally revealed that Ungjae has started The Faker Club, with himself (under the name HELLO GLOOM), Raehwan (as songwriter and video director from20), and Sulju as the company’s first and current artists. 

According to the company’s official website, “The Faker Club is a group of artists with no limit when it comes to the forms of art, such as music, fashion, video art, and others.” It is available in both Korean and English with an option to create an account for the store that will begin selling merchandise in the future. 

The company has also launched an Instagram that is being updated frequently as well as a YouTube channel where the company’s first campaign video titled “What’s The Color Of Your Sky?” was scheduled for release on January 8th at 6 p.m. KST. 

Ungjae took to Instagram to post his thoughts on this new endeavour: 

Hello, I’m Na Ungjae.
I’ve come up with a new challenge with my beloved friends.
As I’ve prepared for a long time, I’m going to show you a lot of things I wanted to show you as an artist through The Faker Club in 2021.
Please look forward to it and support us. Thank you. 

Na Ungjae

Congratulations Ungjae! We look forward to seeing the types of content each artist will release through The Faker Club!

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MEDIA: The Faker Club