Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Han So Hee And Song Kang Offered Lead Roles For Upcoming Drama “Though I Know It”

Han So Hee of “The World Of The Married” success and Song Kang from “Love Alarm” are currently in talks to lead the upcoming JTBC drama “Though I Know It.”

The drama will be based on a popular Korean webtoon of the same name and is scheduled to premiere next year.

Song Kang’s label, Namoo Actors, clarified, It’s one of the many works that Song Kang has been offered. Please understand that it’s one of the works that we’re currently considering appearing in.”

Meanwhile, Han So Hee’s agency 9ato Entertainment also stated, “It’s a project that she’s considering after being offered a role. Nothing has been decided so far.”

Fans are overjoyed about the possibility of seeing the two together in a project, especially opposite each other as the main leads. Stay tuned for more updates on the drama!

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Media: 9ato Entertainment, Namoo Actors