Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Ha Minwoo Prepares For October Comeback With Sweet Confession Song

On August 31st, agency Korea Music Group (KMG) announced that Ha Minwoo will make his solo comeback with a new single “Let’s Be Happy” in October!

Almost a year since the release of his second mini-album The Tempo, the ballad song is said to show an emotional, never-before-seen side of the singer.

“Let’s Be Happy” will consist of warm melodies and beautiful instruments and adds to Ha Minwoo’s sweet voice, provoking a deep echoic sound— perfect for listeners during the approaching fall season.

Recently, the ZE:A member has been enjoying popularity through activities on his official YouTube channel, as well as the resurgence of the former Star Empire boy group’s 2012 song “After Effect” thanks to the video platform’s algorithm, which was also responsible for singer Rain’s “GANG” viral craze earlier this year.

The official date of the release is yet to be announced, but all eyes will be on Ha Minwoo’s new transformation as he gets ready for this comeback!

Justin is an avid K-pop fanboy from Australia and a lifelong lover of music with a passion and flair for sharing his love of underrated and lesser known artists. Finding a new appreciation for music during recent times, he has been enjoying getting reacquainted with old classics, as well as discovering new loves within the world of music and creative works. 

Media: KMG
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