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Get The Look (For Less!): BLACKPINK And Selena Gomez’s Chic Style In “Ice Cream”

BLACKPINK is well known for their fashion-forward looks in their music videos, as well as their amazing style in real life. For their new song “Ice Cream” (with Selena Gomez), they went for a bright, pink concept that perfectly suited the video and summer season. Here are five “Ice Cream” inspired looks you can get for your own closetand all for a fraction of the cost!

There are four different group looks BLACKPINK wore throughout “Ice Cream.” So, using one member as an example from each group look, we can see what the overall fashion vibe was like! Everything here was found on eBay, and the links will be listed below. You can also find similar items at places like Forever 21, H&M, and Shein.

Rosé’s Classic, Black-and-White Look

BLACKPINK’s black-and-white look is elegant and fun. Rosé‘s look includes a houndstooth, black leather bow skirt, black beret, and pearl hoop earrings. We don’t see what type of shoes she wears in “Ice Cream,” but from the angles we do see of her and the other members, we’re assuming Rosé is wearing white, knee-high boots.

What we used here: Swimsuit: $84.95, Skirt: $9.99, Beret: $9.99, Pearl Hoop Earrings: $13.85, Boots: $39.88

Jisoo’s Soft, Pretty-in-Pink Look

At first glance, it’s difficult to tell if Jisoo‘s look is a dress or if it’s a two-piece outfit. After searching online, we discovered it is actually an upcycled dress by Sevali.

To get a similar vibe, we paired a sweet, pink sweater with an a-line skirt. Jisoo’s pins are a mix of Dior brooches and barrettes. We found some brooches that match the “Ice Cream” theme, and some that are decent dupes for the other Dior ones. The easiest part of Jisoo’s look are the accessories. You can find a pearl choker necklace anywhere that sells costume jewelry. The headband, socks, and sneakers you may already have lying around the house.

What we used here: Sweater: $39.34, Skirt: $8.09, Necklace: $9.99, Headband: $1.79, Sneakers: $29.99, Socks: $7.90, Ice Cream Brooch: $1.69, Other Brooch: $2.12

Jennie’s All-White, Tennis Look

The white tennis group look in “Ice Cream” gave us cute and sporty BLACKPINK. For Jennie‘s look, we included the same sneakers used in Jisoo’s outfit. The white collar crop top, white tennis skirt, and black leather belt bag may be items you already have in your closet. The other members have more accessories than Jennie does in this look, so feel free to add bracelets, earrings, and rings to spice up your own look.

What we used here: Top: $10.23, Skirt: $9.00, Bag: $14.98, Sneakers: $29.99

Lisa’s Bright, Crocheted Look

Lisa’s outfit for the fourth outfit change for the group was a rainbow, crocheted look. This look was a bit more difficult to put together through eBay. The skirt included isn’t exactly like the Shop Fluffy version she wore, but it’s pretty close. This is another look where we don’t get a shot of the shoes she wore, so we’re going to pair combat boots with our take on this look. The clips in Lisa’s hair are flower shaped, but we went with butterflies because they’re currently on trend.

What we used here: Top: $15.98, Skirt: $50.95, Boots: $29.99, Hair Clips: $7.59

Selena Gomez’s Sunny, Retro Look

BLACKPINK members weren’t the only ones with multiple outfit changes in “Ice Cream.” Selena Gomez had four different looks as well. For her Rosie the Riveter inspired look, we found a similar off-the-shoulder jumpsuit that is better for the coming autumn season. If you still want a shorter look, then you can hem up the legs. We then paired it with a blue silk scarf and hot pink heels. It looks like Selena Gomez is wearing gold hoop earrings, but it’s hard to make out the exact details. As such, feel free to wear your own favorite earrings with this look.

What we used: Jumpsuit: $17.49, Scarf: $1.63, Heels: $27.95oc

There are many cute looks in “Ice Cream,” with these lovely ladies rocking each and every one of them! From sweet and cute styles to fierce and fabulous, there was no shortage of amazing fashion to inspire our own wardrobes.

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