Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

G-Dragon’s New Album “Kwon Ji Yong” Ranks #1 On iTunes In 41 Countries

G-Dragon is showing everyone why he is still at the top of his game when it comes to music!

On June 8th KST, the BIGBANG leader and genius singer-songwriter dropped his newest album, Kwon Ji Yong. Within an hour of its release, the title track reached all-kill status in Korea and the other tracks on the mini-album were in the top 10 on almost every major chart.

However, G-Dragon’s success didn’t slow down there. In less than 24 hours, G-Dragon’s album became the number one album on iTunes charts in 41 different countries across the globe! The album has already achieved 4x Platinum in China as well.

What makes the success even more special is that this album personally means a lot to G-Dragon as it was supposed to be the epitome of a personal, real album that expressed the type of music he has always wanted to do. It is for this reason that the album was released under his real name, Kwon Ji Young, and why the title track is slower and much different from his previous title tracks from past albums.

With the recent situation with T.O.P, many media outlets speculated that G-Dragon’s comeback would be highly affected. YG Entertainment’s stocks also fell tremendously and had many business experts remarking that it wasn’t because of T.O.P so much as it was because the scandal would also affect G-Dragon. However, his success on charts is proving everyone wrong.

Congratulations to G-Dragon! Or should we say Kwon Ji Yong?

Media: YG Entertainment

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