Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

EXO’s Suho And Actress Kim Hwan Hee Show Off Summer Fashion In High Cut Magazine

EXO‘s Suho and rookie actress Kim Hwan Hee look fantastic in their photoshoot for High Cut magazine!

On July 7th KST, a preview of the photoshoot for the upcoming issue of the magazine was released. Suo and Kim Hwan Hee are co-starring in a new film entitled “Middle School Girl A” a film based on the popular webtoon “Student A.”

The film follows a young middle school student who is an introvery and lives in a fantasy world of her video games. As the difficulties in real life begin to come crashing down on her, she meets several people— including Suho’s character— who help her learn to open up and start making true friends.

In the photoshoot, the two opt for chic summer looks that are both casual and comfortable. Pairing a bolder pattern with a solid neutral, they two young stars look both fashionable and youthful.

Check out the photoshoot below, then stay tuned for the June 20th issue of the magazine for the full spread.

Meanwhile, click here to watch the trailer for the upcoming film.

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