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EXO’s D.O. Cast As Hopeless College Student In “Room Number 7” + Movie Stills Released

EXO member and avid actor D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) has been cast in an upcoming mystery-thriller film called “Room Number 7”!

It was reported earlier this year that D.O had begun filming a new role for an upcoming movie. Now that post-production is finished, the staff has released a few stills of D.O. while in character. He plays the role of Tae Jung, a college student that is terribly down on his luck. He has taken a break from school in order to focus on his part-time job at a rundown and failing DVD room. He wants to quit due to mistreatment, but he refuses to do so since his boss owes him 2 million (roughly 1,800 dollars) won in unpaid salary. 

With an unpaid, disconnected phone, limited funds, and sad living arrangements, the character Tae Jung becomes a hardened young man with a tough attitude. While at his part-time job, a VIP customer approaches him and says he will take care of his debt if he hides their drugs. He then starts to become suspicious of the mysterious room number seven which remains locked. The movie is then surrounded by the mystery of a corpse that is found in the room.

D.O. commented “The scenario was really fun. I think the word “fun” can perfectly describe it. It’s my first time acting in this kind of genre, and I think I’ll be able to show sides of me I haven’t been able to before through my character Tae Jung.” It’s said that Tae Jung curses very often, smokes cigarettes, and is therefore a more relatable depiction of current day youth and the troubles many young people go through. Similar to D.O.’s past characters, such as Han Gang Woo from “It’s Okay It’s Love” and Ko Doo Young from the recent movie “My Annoying Brother,” Tae Jung is a character that has been hurt by life and hardened from it. However, D.O.’s other characters have had much more of a childlike innocence about them in comparison.

Director Lee Yong Seung stated “Ever since we first created the scenario of the film, I had Do Kyung Soo in mind. I think his eyes, which encompass the image of the youth, suit Tae Jung very well.” D.O.’s co-star Shin Ha Kyun expressed her feelings: “Do Kyung Soo has very pretty eyes that are clear, like those of a puppy. I think he did well capturing the helplessness that this generation’s youth often feels.”

“Room Number 7” is set to be released in November 2017.

Stay tuned for more information, as well as possible future stills of the move!

Media: Myung Films

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