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Charity Angels: K-pop Women Who Are Beautiful Both Inside and Out

Many K-pop idols are known for their gorgeous looks and amazing physiques. Although we can all appreciate their outward charm, we know that it’s what is inside that counts! Here at WTK, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most famous ladies in K-pop that are not only beautiful on the outside, but beautiful inside as well as they dedicate their time and money to help others, as well as just treat others with compassion and kindness.

Although we can all appreciate and love our idols for their talent, voices, dance skills, acting, and more, it’s great having these amazing, strong women as role models in our lives!


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It’s no surprise that the sweet potato-loving maknae of SNSD would show up on our list. She, as well as other SM idols, traveled to North Korea during the peace talks back in 2018. However, she has also made considerable donations to various charities throughout the years as well. Not only did she donate 30 million won to the victims of the Pohang earthquake, she also donated 40 million won to the Seungil Hope Foundation— which was used to build a hospital for patients with ALS syndrome. In fact, she has been donating to the organization for years. Most of the SNSD members are well-known for their charity work, including this lovely beauty. It’s obvious how much passion Seohyun has when it comes to helping others!


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IU has been quite the philanthropist since her debut, having donated millions of won to various charities including the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, Seoul City Deaf Senior Support Center, The Seungil Hope Foundation, and more. She also held a concert in honor of the victims of the Sewol Ferry incident, where all the proceeds from the concert were given to the victims’ families. She gave 10 million won to the Seocho District Office to help protect the elderly from the rising temperatures summer— the senior citizens received cooling comforters to combat the scorching heat. Since IU’s upbringing was of humble means, it’s no wonder she has empathy for the less fortunate and gives back as much as she can. In addition to her charity work, IU is also known to just be a lovely and kind person in real life as well. This year, she even surprised one of her fans by attending their high school graduation and bringing her a gift.


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Not only is she an Ace of Angels, but she is also a certified charity angel for all that she’s donated in order to aid others. Remember how she didn’t hesitate to help while in Cambodia and Laos during Brave Family? With that same spirit, she donated 50 million won to the Seoul School for the Deaf as a scholarship program. She also donated 50 million won to the victims of the Pohang earthquake. She’s also donated another 50 million won to the Community Chest of Korea to aid children from low-income families. No wonder she was inducted as a member of the Community Chest of Korea’s Honor Society! Being eligible for a charity’s honor society generally means you have to have donated at least 100 million Korean won.


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A prominent Honor Society member, Suzy is no stranger to the benefactor life. Having provided clothing to middle schoolers in need of school uniforms, Suzy is known for making others’ lives better her top priority. She donated 100 million won to help children suffering from leukemia. She also donated frequently to the victims of the Sewol Ferry incident, as well as donated 15 million won to the Life Changing Practice Movement Center (an event delivering blankets and food to those with disabilities and the elderly living alone). She has also donated to various organizations that help single mothers and donated 100 million won to the Hope Bridge Association of the National Disaster Relief during the forest fire in the Gangwon Province. This certified charity angel has no plans to stop giving!


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Another SNSD member with a huge heart for charity, YoonA was the first K-pop idol to become an Honor Society member with her donation of over 100 million won to the Community Chest of Korea, followed later by more than 300 million won. Since 2010, she secretly donated to help families in poverty,. Later on, she decided it was best to let her donations be known publicly in order to inspire others to give. Much like her natural beauty, her generosity didn’t stop there! Along with other members of SNSD, she also donated personal items for auction to help those in need. She also participated as one of the few non-Chinese spokespersons for Power to Go, a charity that raises donations for children in impoverished areas of China so they can receive opportunities for better education. YoonA’s kindness and generosity makes her a true angel indeed!


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Twice’s Tzuyu is a known charity angel on the K-Pop Idol Choeaedol app— where a total sum of 5 million won was donated as of January of this year. She also spent her birthday by going with her family to Cambodia to donate school supplies to children in need. A true giver of her time, one can tell she has the spirit of giving and compassion and will continue to do so throughout her career!


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Sooyoung is yet another SNSD charity angel with her big heart, inspired by her father’s sickness retinitis pigmentosa. Every year since 2015, she has hosted her charity auction event Beaming Effect in order to help those suffering from the same debilitating eye disease. In addition to the auction, she also hosts a charity concert and invites various performers to raise money for the event. She was also appointed as the promotional ambassador for Korea’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Her cheerful personality and caring heart has inspired many to give back more!


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Hyeri of Girl’s Day is another inspiring woman known for her selfless acts of charity and generosity to others. In 2017, Hyeri personally traveled to Thailand with Plan Korea to assist young girls who were unable to attend school due to lack of a birth certificate. She and the other members of Girl’s Day had raised funds for the campaign through a concert. She also anonymously donated  50 million won to the victims of a fire, though her efforts were later found out by the media. She also donated to help improve housing for senior citizens and ChildFund Korea revealed she had donated 50 million won to help pay medical bills of children who were suffering from long-term illnesses. In 2019, she officially became the youngest member of UNICEF’s Honors Club when she donated 100 million won to UNICEF’s global “Schools for Asia” campaign that provides education for underprivileged children.

We hope this article inspires you to become a charity angel yourself! There are many worthy causes and reputable charities where you can donate or even volunteer. By giving back to our communities, we show how just a few acts of compassion can spark change in others’ lives.

What other amazing ladies in K-pop inspire you to become a better person through their examples of generosity and kindness? Let us know by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

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