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BTS Members Flood Official Twitter Feed With Jimin Derp Pictures On His Birthday

October 13th, 2016 marked BTS member Jimin‘s 21st birthday. In pure Bangtan fashion, the rest of the members proceeded to spend the day flooding their official twitter feed with silly posts directed at Jimin.

At 12 am KST, BTS Official kept up the tradition of posting a picture of the member along with heart-felt wishes from the rest of the members:

As translated by Soompi, “their drawings and notes include birthday wishes, a ‘Hip Hop Feeling’ necklace with a note that reads ‘birthday gift,’ a drawing of Jimin saying, ‘Jeon Jungkook, don’t hit me,’ drawn-on abs with the note ‘muscle man,’ a sketch of the rice cakes that Jimin is often told he looks like, and lots more.”

Soon following this first post, members began playfully uploading various pictures of Jimin and their birthday wishes. Suga was the first to post:



“ChimChim Day ChimChimDay Cute ChimChim Day #HappyBdayJimin #It’sSugahyung #InTheMiddleOfPreRec.”

(The final hashtag was Suga letting fans know that they were in the middle of pre-recording for their M!Countdown performance.)

Next up was oldest member, Jin, who posted a picture of Jimin mid-Wings photoshoot:


“Jimnnie, hyung dotes on you a lot,” Jin wrote, followed by the hashtags #HappyBdayJimin #TheNopeIt’sNotHyung”

Leader Rap Monster followed soon after, with the derpiest picture yet.

Rap Monster demonstrated his supreme writing ability by modeling his caption after the lyrics of their new song, “Blood Sweat & Tears”:

“May you bloom at the end of your trials
Want you Jimni Jimni~~~ oh!

J-Hope challenged the rest with a skillful shot of his own:

“Hip-hop Warrior Park Jimin in the midst of brushing his teeth.”

Then, wanting to out-derp the other members, he posted another picture:

“Ran into a celebrity out on the street
Picture of happiness, congratulations, celebrity.”

He ended both posts with the loving hashtags: “#HappyBdayJimin #Hobi #HyungLikesYouAlot.”

In a nerdy reference to Sailor Moon, Rap Monster retaliated with:

“Honestly, I gave you a break in the name of justice.. #SailorMon.”

Member V was next to post a picture. He uploaded a photo of Jimin looking very young—

—stating: “This person doesn’t seem to be my friend #HappyBdayJimin.”

(“friend” here was used in terms of “same age as me.”)

Not wanting to be left out, the group’s maknae Jungkook posted a choice picture of Jimin with the caption:

“Is this the kind of stuff everyone wants?
Happy birthday Jimin hyung?????
#Jungkook   #HappyBdayJimin”

Soon after his post, Rap Monster followed with the picture Jungkook’s posted, but through a black-and-white filter and with the word “Hip Hop” scribbled onto the top right corner. The caption read, “Jimin’s picture with added feeling.”

Once all the madness had subsided, Jimin posted a thank you video when his birthday night had come to an end (nearing 5 am KST), with the caption: “Thank you, I love you.”


“JM: Thank you so much for all of you who wished me a happy birthday, and thank you to the fans who stayed late with us.
JK: (You’re) the best!”

BTS are currently promoting their second studio album Wings, and its title track Blood Sweat & Tears, which was released on October 10th and has been constantly topping the charts.

Happy Birthday, Park Jimin, with lots of love from What The K-Pop! We hope to see Jimin and BTS continue to work hard and succeed in the future.

What did you think of this little Jimin spam? Let us know in the comments!

Media: BTS_Official, BTS_twt
Translation Credits: Soompibts-trans (Tweets)

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