Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

BTS Implies Tragic Sea Story In Second Set Of “Love Yourself” Posters

On August 12, KST, Big Hit Entertainment has unveiled four new images in BTS‘ #LOVE_YOURSELF teaser poster series!

The first three posters, in the same movie-style format as the last releases, pair the members together as known from their popular Most Beautiful Moment In Life era: Suga and Jungkook, J-Hope and Jimin, and Rap Monster and V.

Each poster included the sentence: “After coming back from that sea, all of us are alone.” Note that additionally, in RapMonster and V’s poster, the phrase “Save me” scrawled on the pavement and grass also says “I’m fine” when read upside down.

The last poster to be revealed was Jin‘s. Just like in “I Need You” and “Run,” Jin is the only member displayed alone.

This poster is the only one with different text, reading: “If I could turn back time, I would go back to the sea on that summer day.”

A.R.M.Y.s are already drawing connections between The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Wings, and You Never Walk Alone eras. The ocean has been a repeating concept in many BTS music videos.

Do you have any theories? Are you excited for this new era? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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Translation Credit: My First Love A Brown Piano TM (Amino Apps User)
Media: Big Hit Entertainment

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