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BREAKING: Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Loses Court Case And Is Ordered to Pay Fine For False Charges

After a long, drawn-out court battle with their private life being bandied about and analyzed by the public, the civil case of Kim Hyun Joong vs. his ex-girlfriend (Ms. Choi) is finally over!

The verdict has just been announced and Korean websites and media outlets are buzzing with the news. Mr. Kim has been found innocent of the charges of assault and abuse (this was the civil case, the criminal case is still ongoing).

The famous singer and actor admitted that one of their fights had gotten physical before, but he continuously denied her charges of actual assault and abuse that led to miscarriages. Through it all, Ms. Choi has maintained her claims and has released private conversations and “proof” to the public that she was telling the truth. She said that she had been pregnant and miscarried due to his physical abuse, that she had gone to the hospital as a result of the abuse, etc. Due to all this, she was seeking 1.6 billion won (1.4 million USD) in damages.

After an extensive investigation and long court process however, the court has ruled that Mr. Kim is innocent of the charges Ms. Choi laid against him. Not only that but she has been ordered to pay a fine of 100 million won (around 92,ooo USD) for making false charges and defamation. The judge spoke on the topic and said that Ms. Choi had no proof or evidence to support her claims. He said she had no evidence of miscarriages either and no records at hospitals or medical centers concerning the alleged abuse.

As a result, Kim Hyun Joong fans are very happy today- saying they knew he was innocent and that they would always stick with him no matter what. One fan said, “KHJ finally has justice. All Henecia (his fandom) knew he was innocent of all charges.”

This was the civil case for Kim Hyun Joong vs. Ms. Choi, but the verdict was a very important one for the singer. The criminal case is ongoing and we will bring you more details of that later.

Can you believe that the court ruled in favor of Kim Hyun Joong? Are you surprised that they decided she had made false charges and had no evidence to back up her claims? What do you think of the verdict? Let us know in the comment section below.

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25 thoughts on “BREAKING: Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Loses Court Case And Is Ordered to Pay Fine For False Charges”
  1. well obviously between medical records and text messages, medical records win! he had legit proof for her lies. hope he will be ok and stay strong

  2. I am OVERJOYED!!!!!! The evidence was clear if one read all the available news but OMG the twisted spewings of the haters and anti-KHJ contigent just made this horrendous for so long! I have high high hopes that the CRIMINAL case will now go to court 😀

    1. Hi Teleri. Any news about that criminal case yet? I know it was supposed to happen on June 19. Thanks

    1. You are welcome. We have written some about it in the past as well- but always with the intent to bring unbiased, true news to our readers. We will certainly continue to do that in the future as well. So I hope we will see you again soon on our site!

  3. Where’s Allkpop, Koreaboo &Dispatch now? Biased media outlet in favor of blackmailer should stop or else this will keep on happening again and ruin Kpop/Hallyu stars and leave a bad impression on Korean entertainment industry and Korean women. I’m glad justice prevailed like also in the case of Park Yoon Chun. Bias aside, what CHOI provided were mere text messages, pictures and pregnancy testers that lacks credibility. Aside from that, she was inconsistent with her statements and the money she was asking was too much. Her true color surfaced that it was a plot to get a huge amount of money from a celebrity that has a name to protect. Because if a man assaulted me, I won’t let him get me pregnant many times(if that’s even true?) and make an agreement to end the relationship by the end of the year.

    1. I agree.. I wish there was a way to punish all the trash news that spread ChoiHyeMi’s lies. Now we have to pray that the criminal case is put before an honest Judge, the prosecutor dropping the charges before it was even heard by a judge looks like corruption to me. Only Jail for ChoiHyeMi will truely vindicate KHJ and all of the fans who have been trashed by the haters for almost 3 years.

  4. Dispatch, you are the shame of a profession. I knew he was innocent…Antifans should apologize on their knees…

  5. Well it is ovious that knowing that he has a name to protect, she abused and threaten him to say she misscarriaged. But she didnt count that he would respond the demand, tired to listen her saying anything she could to damage him. Surprisely for her he told everything. Just onother stupid girl trying to get what she want from a rich man who rejected her from his life.

  6. I am so happy today! She was shady from the beginning, when she went to Dispatch and broke her story…well, it was just too fishy. This woman tried to ruin the life and career of the man she supposedly loved, and all because he didn’t want to be with her any longer. I hope the criminal case goes forward, and he gets full custody of the child.

  7. He never admitted that their fights sometimes got physical. He admitted to a one time push-shove argument while breaking up. Anyway, thanks for the article and thank you God that justice has finally prevailed! Congratulations Kim Hyun Joong!!

  8. Thank you for the English explanation. But we are far from done. The corrupt prosecutor who dropped the original criminal charges was obviously bought, and we pray that in appeal that we see an honest judge get to see and hear the crimes Evil ChoiHyeMi has done and puts her in Jail and Kim Hyun Joong gets full custody of the child. Such an evil woman to purposefully hurt someone and use a child to get money should never prosper in this world if there is any justice. I have been very disappointment in the Korean people, the Korean trash news and media, the Korean music industry that all sat back and allowed these lies to be spread and Kim Hyun Joong to be hurt almost to the point of suicide. Thank God for his parents and Attny Lee. I’m happy with this verdict, but there won’t be true justice until she is in prison.

  9. All KHJ fans suffered insults to our intelligence, our morals and ethics and dirty name calling for the last two years. On top of the hurt, injustice and helplessness we felt for KHJ’s predicament. He was the victim but he was vilified and reviled. You have no idea what a relief it is to see an article like this. We believe in KHJ because sometimes you just know a person by the look in their eyes – windows to the soul. Never since his debut, had anyone accused him of anything but kindness, caring, being respectful, thoughtful, humorous, candid, genuine and sincere. He was always taking care of his crew, cast members and production staff making sure everybody was okay. Choi on the other hand has no such record of an outstanding character. So, from the bottom of my heart, WTK , I THANK YOU, 감사합니다!

  10. We’re thanking God our prayers were heard and the truth prevailed. Two years worth of text messages, some even fabricated, but not one tangible evidence and yet the trash magazines twisted it to make her the victim. Just because one is male and a celibrity, doesn’t automatically make him guilty. To the media that took advantage of this situation to spread her lies. I hope this case changes the way the media does things or be severly penalized.

  11. Your article is basically correct, but he never said that their fights sometimes got physical. He admitted to the police, and was charged with a one time “push shove” argument when he was trying to break up with her. As far as I have seen in the last two years that is all. Thank you for the upbeat reporting and I thank God this young man is hopefully on his way back to having a good life with his child.

  12. I’m glad it’s over, and happy for the verdict. The courts seen through her
    lies, it’s sad a person will go that far to try to ruin another person life and not to mention your kids father, and I really hope he can bounce back from this. I’m waiting for his next project. I just love his work. good luck Kim Hyun Joong. My support always.

    1. i think he should focus on the child if he truly has and forget about the mother. because of the shame and pain she caused him, it will be wrong to deal again with the mother not even for the child’s sake. but next time, he should be more wise and careful in getting attracted to someone.

  13. Is there any news about Choi’s June 19,2017 criminal trial outcome? I can’t find any info anywhere. Thanks

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