Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Big Hit Entertainment Asks Sasaengs Not To Ruin BTS’s BBMA Appearance

Big Hit Entertainment, home of the mega-famous group BTS, made a statement addressing sasaengs’ behavior.

A sasaeng is a term used to describe stalker fans of Kpop groups.  The actual definition is “an obsessive fan of a Korean idol, or other public figure, that has engaged in stalking or other questionable behaviour that constitutes an invasion of privacy.” This type of behavior doesn’t just refer to the extreme cases we have seen in the past— attempting to take pictures of their idols in the bathroom, sending letters written in their menstruation blood. It also refers to those who stalk their idols more quietly— buying tickets in order to be on the same flight as their idols, sneaking pictures of them 24/7 as they follow them, and much more.

As such, Big Hit Entertainment was forced to make a statement to these fans. Knowing that, as the first Kpop group to be nominated for a Billboard Music Award, the group would be under intense scrutiny from worldwide media as they travel to the U.S. for the awards show, they asked fans to refrain from finding out the group’s flight information, buying tickets to be on the same flight, sneaking pictures of them, and other stalking behavior.

The statement was released in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English. Check out the English statement below:

It’s sad that any label would have to ask fans to stop from this type of behavior— especially since they are just asking them to refrain from this behavior from one event at least. But as with sasaengs and unreasonable fans, there are always some who will do what they want regardless.

Will fans respect the group’s privacy during this trip? Will sasaengs realize their behavior is hurting the idols and try to behave a bit better for this event at least? Let us know your thoughts below!

WTK has a strong zero-tolerance for sasaeng behavior. We encourage every self-proclaimed fan to be respectful of boundaries and remember that idols are normal people who deserve some privacy as well.

In the meantime, we wish BTS the best of luck at the BBMAs!

Media: Big Hit Entertainment

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