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Bang Yongguk Shares Heartfelt Letter With Fans Following Departure From Agency

Bang Yongguk has posted an incredibly heartfelt message to fans following his departure from TS Entertainment.

In the early morning of August 26th KST, solo rapper and Ex-B.A.P member Bang Yongguk posted a picture of a handwritten letter on his Instagram account.

Yongguk’s letter began with an apology for all of the recent negative news regarding B.A.P and Yongguk himself. He quickly followed up by expressing his thankfulness to fans as well as his own band members for how they have supported him, loved him, and helped him grow as a person. Yongguk ended the letter assuring BABYs (B.A.P fans) with exactly what they were hoping to hear in these confusing times; that this isn’t the end and he will be “continuing with music as B.A.P’s leader Bang Yongguk.

Despite Yongguk’s contract ending with TS Entertainment, all six members of B.A.P have hinted to fans in multiple ways that B.A.P is not over as a group, and they will return in one way or another. With an abundance of missing details regarding contract dates, “announced” but unconfirmed concert locations, and a few confusing comments made by TS Entertainment, BABYs were nothing but happy to have this straightforward message from Bang Yongguk. He wished for everyone watching to support him, and even more, to support the other members of B.A.P as time continues.

The comments (which reached into the thousands within minutes) on Yongguk’s official post are filled to the brim with thankfulness, love, and support from BABYs and other fans involved with B.A.P and Bang Yongguk.

Check out the official post as well as an English translation of his message below.

“A letter written at dawn, when the moon is beautiful.

First, I would like to say sorry for having to announce such unfortunate news to BABYs who have loved and treasured B.A.P until now. Everyone’s hearts. I feel heavy responsibility for all your hearts. (Your hearts) are important to me. Think of it that way.

From debut until now, it’s hard to express with words how much my BAP members and BABYs have been such a great strength for me. Looking back, I think I was very fragile, and not a good enough person. So I feel deeply indebted to members and BABYs who helped me grow, and become a better, more wonderful artist. I feel like I have been shone with a light by you all.

I am going to engrave my gratitude into my chest so that I will never forget it.

Thank you for your generous love and support. I ask that you continue to stand by and protect my B.A.P members, who I cherish the most.

And whenever and wherever I am, I will always continue to make music as BAP’s leader Bang Yongguk Please look out for me. I love and respect you always. Bang Yongguk.”


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