Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

B.A.P’s “One Fine Day” Will No Longer Include A Female Guest Due To Fans’ Complaints

On September 5th, B.A.P’s fan club manager posted a notice regarding the special guest on MBC Music’s reality show “One Fine Day” with B.A.P.

The original format of the show was to allow one female fan to film with the group in Hawaii during September, but due to opposition, the fan club manager announced no other guest will star in the program apart for B.A.P.

When the show was announced, BABYz found the special guest format upsetting and trended #비에이피어멋날_일반인참여반대 (BAP One Fine Day_opposition to public participation) and #BAP어멋날_MBC피드백요구 (BAP One Fine Day_MBC feedback demanded). Some fans did not stay on just Twitter and emailed MBC Music and posted on their homepage about changing the format to having only B.A.P.

In short, B.A.P’s “One Fine Day” will only feature the group in Hawaii as fans wished.

Are you happy to see only B.A.P. on the show? Would you have minded a female fan being included in the show as planned in the original format? What are your thoughts on this change? Tell us what you think in the comments below!


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