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B.A.P and MA Entertainment Reveal “Man on the moon” Documentary Teaser Trailer

On June 12th, MA Entertainment summoned Babyz worldwide with the posting of a video on their YouTube channel titled, “‘Man on the Moon’ Documentary Teaser!”

In the video, B.A.P members Moon Jongup, Jung Daehyun, Yoo Youngjae, and Bang Yongguk say their names as they walk towards a lone stool. They come with the long-awaited message, “To all the fans who have waited patiently, we’re finally together. As much as you’ve supported us all this time, we’ll show you just how much we’ve grown musically. We hope you’re looking forward to it. We’ll see you soon. See you soon. We are…”

The video is in black and white and set to the beautiful instrumental of “Fine”, a song from Jongup’s latest EP SOME. When promoting SOME, Jongup said that “Fine” is a song dedicated to his fans who have always supported him.

Looking at these beloved artists, one can feel the world’s weight on their shoulders. They have suffered, grown, and weathered the storm to stand before us again, reunited. The video ends with the words, “Again Together with B.A.B.Y”.

In late October 2023, Jongup released and promoted his EP, SOME. In late December, MA Entertainment announced that Jung Daehyun officially joined Jongup at the company. Bang Yongguk had finished a world tour. Youngjae finished his military service as of May 7th, 2024. B.A.P’s youngest member, Zelo, is currently in military service and will be discharged in 2025.

B.A.P debuted in 2012 and is known as one of the K-pop industry’s most influential and versatile second-generation groups. Their most well-known songs are “Warrior”, “One Shot”, “Wake Me Up”, “No Mercy”, “Skydive”, “Young, Wild, & Free”, “1004”, and “Feel So Good.” It has been five years since there have been any B.A.P activities.

Fans all over social media are rejoicing at the surprise announcement and await the release with bated breath as no official release date has been announced. What story will B.A.P tell us?

Do you think B.A.P is back? Have you watched the teaser trailer on M.A Entertainment’s YouTube channel? Let us know on X, Facebook, and Instagram what you think about this development!

Ann was introduced to K-pop and became a Baby in 2015. She grew up with Japanese and Korean culture being a huge part of her life starting from just four years old! In addition to forever loving B.A.P, she also has respect and admiration for other groups and artists in the industry; too many to name! When not indulging in a cozy nap, she is busy daydreaming, checking out interesting cafes, and staying up to date with current events.

MEDIA: MA Entertainment


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