WTK QUIZ: Which BT21 Character Are You?

What K-pop fan doesn’t already know about these adorable characters from BT21? If you are one of the few people left in K-pop who hasn’t heard of them yet, the characters are part of a collaboration between LINE Friends x BTS. The BT21 characters were born back in late September 2017 when BTS was invited […]Read More

Netflix Releases From Korea To Watch This September

September is shaping up to be another incredible month for K-dramas and K-films! The greatest addition in our daily lives these days are provided by Netflix. As the summer ends, fall begins with promising titles. Two new K-dramas “Record of Youth” and “The School Nurse Files” have been some of September’s most-promising dramas, while the […]Read More

BTS To Premiere “Dynamite” Choreography Music Video In Fortnite Party Royale

Today, Epic Games announced that it has partnered with global K-pop superstars BTS! According to the official Fortnite Twitter account, BTS is set to premiere a new music video of the record-breaking single “Dynamite.” The never-seen-before choreography version MV will premiere on Friday, September 25th at 8:00 PM EDT. The premiere will take place in […]Read More

Korean Words Every K-pop Fan Should Know

Fans don’t need to know Korean to enjoy K-pop, but it’s worth learning! Before we start our list of word every K-pop fan should know, let’s look back at some facts. Korean Pop Culture has become immensely popular around the globe in the last decade, and that’s the reason many fans have become interested in […]Read More

TWICE Members And Their Favorite Perfumes

K-pop idols always look amazing! They have perfect hair, makeup, and outfits when they’re in front of the camera. However, no matter how great you look, we all know that smelling nice is equally important when it comes to making a lasting impression. Have you ever wondered what fragrances TWICE members like? You’re in luck! […]Read More

Top 5 Blacklisted Foods K-pop Idols Are Not Allowed To Eat

It’s not easy to say “NO” to your favorite foods. We all have our guilty pleasures, whether it’s a favorite dessert or fried food that isn’t exactly healthy. What makes idols so relatable is we know they are human too and also have their own cravings! In fact, we’ve seem then before on variety shows or […]Read More