7 Random Facts About Korea (That Might Surprise You)

South Korea is a wonderful place with a rich history and amazing culture that goes way beyond Kpop and great food! Read on to find out seven random facts about this amazing place— some of which may surprise you! Panamami started listening to Kpop and watching Kdramas in early Feb 2015. She finally succeeded in getting […]Read More

WTK QUIZ: How Well Do You Know The “Running Man” Mascots?

How well do you know “Running Man” members? How well do you know Korean? Take this fun matching quiz to find out! For each question that appears, choose two answers— both the real-life “Running Man” member and their corresponding animal mascot! Let us know your results below! Panamami started listening to Kpop and watching Kdramas […]Read More

WTK QUIZ: Can You Name These Lee Min Ho Roles?

It’s hard to be a Kdrama fan without watching at least one or two Lee Min Ho dramas, since the famous Hallyu star has been in some of the most popular programs of our time. The leading man in many TV series and films alike, this gorgeous guy is more than capable of tackling a variety of […]Read More

10 Of The Best “Running Man” Episodes Ever

When coming into the world of K-pop or K-dramas, one would definitely come across variety shows as well. One of the most famous variety shows in Korea is “Running Man.” Started in 2010, it’s one of the longest running shows in South Korea. The show includes multiple kinds of games, including the ever-popular “Name Tag Elimination.” […]Read More