ARMY Gets Frantic For BTS In Hilarious #WhereIsBangtan Twitter Trend

With BTS arriving soon for the 2017 AMAs in the U.S., both media and fans from around the world are waiting patiently for the first sighting of the group. Earlier in the day, Korean media shared the group’s travel plans, leading many fans to head out to the L.A. airport to welcome them for their […]Read More

10 Reasons Why We’re Ready For Super Junior’s Comeback

While legendary Kpop groups like TVXQ were hailed as the “gods of Kpop” and BIGBANG simply dubbed “The Kings,” there was one group in particular that took Kpop to a new level in Asia and opened doors across the world for the Hallyu Wave to truly take over. That’s right— we’re talking about none other than […]Read More

K-STYLE: Get Inspired By EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop” Fashion

As Kpop fans, it’s inevitable that our music choices will begin to influence other areas of our lives. One of the most common ways that music influences us is with our style. With every comeback, there are great looks that we wish we could wear in real life. However, while those looks may work for […]Read More

Editor’s Choice: The Top 5 BTS Videos From The Past 4 Years

It’s lee1086 here— WTK‘s co-founder and current director and editor-in-chief. As an opinionated adult and a diehard Kpop fan, I obviously have a lot of very strong beliefs and opinions when it comes to my favorite songs, artists, groups, videos, and more. As such, I’ve decided to start a new corner where I’ll be listing […]Read More

Celebrating Suho: 12 Random Facts About EXO’s Leader

May 22nd is the birthday of EXO‘s Suho! Everyone knows that this young man is one dedicated leader and tries to take care of his members as much as possible— even if that means taking a back seat and letting them shine instead. With that being said, let’s make today all about this gorgeous, talented leader. We’re […]Read More

9 Best Moments From 9 Years With SHINee

May 22nd, 2017 is SHINee‘s ninth anniversary since their debut album was released! It’s hard to believe, but these amazing boys debuted almost a decade ago, and they haven’t ceased to slay since then! SHINee was first introduced by SM Entertainment as a group that would become trend setters in multiple areas such as music, dance, […]Read More

8 “Produce 101” Trainees That Look Like Other Korean Celebrities

Like most people in the K-world, I’m completely obsessed with “Produce 101: Season 2.” I go over every episode with a fine tooth comb, examining each contestant, every performance, each outfit, and more. I’m ashamed to admit how many times I rewind to watch the same scene over and over! Needless to say, I’m way […]Read More