15 Times EXO’s Xiumin Proved He Is K-pop’s King Of Colored Hair

One of the things that first fascinated me with K-pop were the brightly colored clothes and even brighter colored hair. I loved the entire aesthetic of K-pop back in its classic days of electronic-based music and boxed-set music videos. As such, I’ve seen a lot of idols come and go, many of them rocking a […]Read More

7 Ways Red Velvet And Super Junior Prove How Close They Are

We all love entertainment companies where the artists get along really well, but we especially love companies where the artists actually feel like friends and family! At SM Entertainment, one of the most famous companies in Korea, their artists are famous for being very close friends with each other. In fact, it’s  no surprise to […]Read More

WTK QUIZ: How Ready Are You For EXO’s Comeback?

Are you drowning in your own tears of frustration as you wait on EXO‘s comeback? Do you crave EXOs new album as much as Kai craves chicken? Do you need their new music video just as much as Baekhyun needs more variety show appearances? Are you checking your Twitter list hourly to see if any […]Read More

9 Amazing Times EXO Showed Their Power

Rumors of EXO‘s comeback have been making the rounds on the internet in full force this week. Even without a comeback in almost a year (excluding their annual winter album), the group continues to rank as one of the top artists on monthly charts and lists, proving their lasting popularity and importance in the Kpop […]Read More

10 Of The Best Moments From 10 Years With SHINee

*This article was originally published for SHINee’s anniversary in 2017 but has been updated/changed to reflect current times. May 25th, 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the legendary Kpop band SHINee! It’s hard to believe, but these amazing boys debuted a decade ago, and they haven’t ceased to slay since then! The past few months have […]Read More

20 GIFs That Perfectly Express Our Love For EXO’s Suho

May 22nd marks the birthday of EXO‘s leader Suho! To celebrate, we’ve been looking back on some of our favorite Suho moments and talking about why we love this amazing man so much. From his beautiful smile to his sincere humility, check out these 20 GIFs that perfectly express the reasons why we love EXO’s Suho. […]Read More

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