MYNAME’s Gunwoo Reveals Enlistment Date

On March 4th, MYNAME leader Gunwoo announced that he will be starting his military service on March 20th. He revealed the news through a post on the group’s official Japanese website. Fans have been curious about the singer’s enlistment, as he was born in 1989, leading many to wonder if he had received an exemption […]Read More

WATCH: Seven O’Clock’s Hangyeom Releases Self-Animated MV For “Dangerous”

Leader of boy group Seven O’Clock, Hangyeom (also known as A-Day) has released a self-animated music video for his self-composed, self-written, and self-arranged solo song “Dangerous.” This multi-talented rapper, vocalist, and dancer tells an incredibly intriguing story through his unique and charming art style. The track itself is a laid back hip-hop song with moody, […]Read More

GreatGuys’ Jae-I Fractures Shoulder During Japanese Tour

The charismatic leader of GreatGuys has fractured his shoulder during the group’s Japanese tour. However, Jae-I has assured fans he is okay! On February 28th, GreatGuys’ event organizer in Japan, known as K-Lovers, alerted fans of the news via Twitter that while Jae-I was going down the stairs, he fell and hurt his shoulder. Resulting […]Read More

WATCH: UNVS Makes Dramatic Debut With “Timeless” Music Video

UNVS (which stands for UNIVERSE) have debuted with the emotional and compelling track “Timeless.” The five-member boy group under CHITWN MUSIC INC. originally debuted in Taiwan in December of 2016 with the digital single “I’ll Be There.” Fast forwarding to 2020, the group changed the member lineup and did some rebranding. On February 23rd at […]Read More

WATCH: D.COY Makes Colorful Debut In “Color Magic” MV

Korean band D.COY has exploded onto the canvas with a vivid and splashy music video for their debut song, “Color Magic.” The five-piece boy band has a unique concept: each member has their own gemstone that represents them and when combined through their music, it creates the group’s individual color that is distinctively D.COY. Check […]Read More

WATCH: SPECTRUM Is Ready For “Showtime” In Sophisticated Comeback MV

SPECTRUM has returned after almost 10 months! The WYNN Entertainment boy group is back with the captivating and charismatic “Showtime,” the title track from their fourth single album, 0325. “Showtime” is a stylish dance-pop song with a strong bass line and addictive beat that intends to set the stage on fire using SPECTRUM’s spirited talents […]Read More

TARGET’s Boun Temporarily Suspends Activities Due To Health Issue

TARGET member Boun will temporarily suspend activities to recover from an undisclosed health issue. On February 21st, KJ Music Entertainment informed fans of the news through an official fancafe post. They revealed that after discussing it with Boun, they came to this decision and realize the health of their artists is the most important thing. […]Read More

ONF Send “Message” To Fans In Special Gift Film

Boy group ONF has released a new song as a gift to fans, appropriately titled “Message.” The song and accompanying ‘gift film’ were released on WM Entertainment‘s YouTube channel on February 17th at 6 p.m. KST. ONF created hot expectations from fans leading up to the release by unveiling individual teasers and a video teaser […]Read More