Famous Kpop Composer Elephant Kingdom Passes Away

It’s very sad news for the Kpop world. The famous composer Elephant Kingdom (Lee Dong Heon) has passed away after a chronic illness. The Brave Entertainment composer has written some of the biggest hits in Kpop, including AOA‘s “Short Hair,” 4Minute‘s “What’s Your Name” and Teen Top‘s “Rocking” and “Miss Right.” After being hospitalized for […]Read More

Watch Hoya, Feeldog And More in Latest Episode of “Hit The Stage”

Kpop idols continue to wow viewers through the new dance program “Hit The Stage.” This week continued the theme of “This Love” and featured dances by Hoya of Infinite, Hyoyeon of SNSD, Momo of Twice and Feeldog of Big Star. *Read on for spoilers. Last week, we left off with Jang Hyunseung (formerly of BEAST) […]Read More

EXO Releases New MV “Lotto” For Monster Repackage

EXO just dropped their new MV “Lotto!” The music video was just released in Korean and Chinese via the SMTOWN official youtube channel. EXO branches out by featuring a new sound not found in a lot of their other releases. With a bass-heavy beat and a hip-hop sound, the song also features R&B and electro-pop influences. […]Read More

Amber Films “A Day In The Life Of A Kpop Star” With Buzzfeed

A while back, Buzzfeed did a special video about training to be a Kpop star, featuring Steven, one of their own staffers, getting a total Kpop makeover in style, music and dance. During that video, popular Kpop idol Amber of f(x) filmed a short segment giving advice on how to best become a Kpop star. […]Read More

“Train to Busan” Enters Top 15 Box Office Hits in Korean Film History

The mega-hit movie of the summer, “Train to Busan,” has entered the Top 15 Box Office hits in the history of Korea. The Korean Film Council revealed that on August 12th, 81,419 viewers watched 1,494 screenings of “Train to Busan” in 521 theaters, beating out “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and making the zombie movie officially […]Read More

BREAKING NEWS: Block B’s Zico and AOA’s Seolhyun Revealed To Be Dating

Dispatch is always threatening to expose the relationship of some celebrity couple or another, and it seems they have followed through this time. News just broke from the media outlet that claimed that Zico of Block B and Seolhyun of AOA are dating. The photographers have been sneaking to take pictures for quite some time, […]Read More

Park Bo Gum Facing Harsh Criticism For Controversial Commercial

Actor Park Bo Gum is in hot water as he is criticized by Chinese netizens for a commercial (CF) they found offensive. During the commercial, the actor was playing baduk (the board game also known as Go) with an opponent named “Great Wall of China.” When he won against the opponent and began celebrating, Chinese […]Read More

SHINee’s Key And I.O.I’s Jung Chaeyeon Prepare For Their Acting Debut

SHINee‘s Key and I.O.I‘s Jung Chaeyeon are making their official acting debut in an upcoming drama. The drama is entitled “Drinking Alone” and tells the story of two young people who are preparing for their exam to enter the civil service. The only difference is that Key’s character has been struggling for years with the […]Read More

Review: KCON LA 2016 Part 1

Day one of KCON LA 2016 kicked off with an amazing concert, full of the most in-demand K-pop stars and groups! The venue was packed as people waited for the show to begin! Before the show, popular K-pop violinst JunCurryAhn performed, thrilling fans with his rendition of “Save Me” by BTS. Other performers also got […]Read More