Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

ARMY Gets Frantic For BTS In Hilarious #WhereIsBangtan Twitter Trend

With BTS arriving soon for the 2017 AMAs in the U.S., both media and fans from around the world are waiting patiently for the first sighting of the group.

Earlier in the day, Korean media shared the group’s travel plans, leading many fans to head out to the L.A. airport to welcome them for their historic moment. Their planned welcome hit a snag, however, when the group wasn’t sighted at the expected time.

With fans waiting at the airport and many others waiting for the proof shots, fans began to anxiously tweet #WhereIsBangtan. The result was a worldwide trend on Twitter as fans across the globe all joined in to give their own hilarious thoughts on where BTS actually is.

Check out some of the funniest posts below as we all ponder the mystery— where is Bangtan?

The wait is real, ya’ll.

Fans are even imagining BTS’s response to the trend.

Desparate times call for desperate measures.

Would another news story about BTS really be that surprising though?

Was it a plot all along? Some fans wondered.

BTS… taking the whole “losing things” to the next level.

Let’s just all take a deep breath, shall we?

Is it a plot against ARMY by BTS? 

This is a movie we would definitely want to see!

Even non-BTS fans are getting in on the action.

We need an actual video of their reactions right now.

Some people are even done with themselves (and their fandom).

The Nemo humor is strong with this fandom.

It’s part of their next comeback theory!

How we wish this were true…

When all your favorite things clash in one tweet.

Even K-ARMY thought U.S. fans were being extra (and hilarious).

But in the end, everything turned out ok as BTS was finally found spotted arriving at the Korean airport for their flight to L.A.


Who’s excited to see BTS make their American debut at the 2017 AMAs? Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment below!

lee1086 is the Director and Editor-In-Chief of What The Kpop and someone who has spent the last hour reading all the super extra, hilarious tweets from ARMY across the globe. Her personal favorite was the Buzzfeed Unsolved tweet because… well, #TeamShaniac. She wishes BTS the best of luck during this important trip and hopes ARMY can calm down enough to get a good night’s sleep since the next few days will be full of late nights, fancams, laughter, fangirling, and lots of proud crying.

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