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Amber, BapMokJa, And Haeppy Release Part Two Of Christmas Special


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Amber, BapMokJa, and Haeppy have released part two of their Christmas special!

The f(x) singer was a recent guest on the popular YouTube channel BapMokJa and Haeppy. The guys challenged themselves to cook a three course meal for Christmas, only using food they could find in a convenience store. While they faced off with each other in the first video, and Amber acted as the judge, she shows off her own cooking skills in the second video released.

The idol singer displayed her creativity as she made yummy things like corn salad and chicken bruschetta. Despite having to buy all the ingredients in the small store and cook it there as well, Amber managed to do a great job at the challenge.

Check out the video to see the trio’s hilarious efforts. If you haven’t seen the first video yet, click here to watch it.

Make sure to visit BapMokJa and Haeppy‘s channel for more fun videos related to Korea and Kpop.

What do you think of Amber’s three course meal? Would you eat it?

Media: BapMokJa and Haeppy (YouTube)

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