About WTK

What The Kpop is a new Korean entertainment site for all things Hallyu! They are dedicated to bringing you the latest news, stories and trends for Korean music, TV, film, beauty, fashion and more.

WTK was started by two friends with a passion for Korea. As former Kpop writers and photographers, the pair realized they could combine their professional experience with their genuine love of all things Korean to provide readers with a unique website. Being fans themselves, they knew they could provide the kind of news and articles that fans truly want to read. From there, WTK expanded to include a large team of accomplished writers and photographers around the USA. Since then, the page has grown steadily and already become a name that fans know they can trust.

In addition to daily news coverage, they also provide live feeds of different Kpop events, regular giveaways for fans, exclusive photos from press events and concerts, fun quizzes and much more!

In July of 2017, WTK acquired a radio station and plan to relaunch it under the name WTK Radio on August 1st, further expanding into the Kpop business.

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Check out WTK’s informational video below. For any questions or press inquiries, please contact info@whatthekpop.com


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WTK RADIO: www.facebook.com/wtkradio