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8 Of Our Favorite Romantic Scenes From “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”

“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” is an action-packed, fantasy and endearing romantic comedy series which aired from February 24 to April 15, 2017. It garnered a lot of love from drama fans and allowed the drama to acquire the highest rating ever on a JTBC network.

The hilarious drama is full of charms— mainly thanks to great actors who portrayed their role very convincingly. Though this was the first lead role of Park Hyung Sik, his chemistry with Park Bo Young, who is naturally adorable from every angle, left many fans rooting for the stars to become a couple in real life as well.

The story is about Do Bong Soon, played by Park Bo Young (“Oh My Ghostess”), a woman born with superhuman strength which is passed along only in women in her family line. Ahn Minhyuk, played by Park Hyung Sik (“Hwarang”), CEO of the gaming company Ainsoft, has been receiving death threats on phone, being shot at by pellet guns, and even being stalked! After witnessing the immense strength of Do Bong Soon, he hires her as his personal bodyguard. Ji Soo (“Scarlet Heart Ryeo”) plays a diligent and patriotic cop, who also is the long-time crush of Do Bong Soon.

In order to relive some of the most romantic, adorable moments, check out our list of eight great, romantic scenes from this hit drama! Did your favorite scene make the list?

1. Min Hyuk finally gets enough courage to confess to Bong Soon that he wants to be with her.

2. The first time Min Hyuk sees Bong Soon after confessing his feelings for her leaves us all sighing in contentment. Wouldn’t you also get mesmerized if a handsome CEO looked at you like that?
3. When Bong Soon has a bomb attached to her body, Min Hyuk doesn’t leave her, despite knowing the fact he might also die. Luckily, Bong Soon, who had lost her powers at the time, was able to regain them and save everyone.
4. Min Hyuk finally gives Bong Soon the kiss we were all hoping for! While Min Hyuk is drinking tea with Bong Soon in her room, Bong Soon kisses him on his cheeks, but Min Hyuk decides he wants much more!
5. We love this sweet moment when Min Hyuk finally understands how Bong Soon feels for him.
6. There is perhaps no other scene as romantic as when Min Hyuk proposes marriage to Bong Soon as cherry blossom fall lightly in the background.
7. The lovey dovey couple, who can’t get enough of each other, ride the elevator with the hilarious Secretary Gong. Cue smiles!
8. The adorable Min Hyuk is overwhelmed with feels while getting ready for a photoshoot with his bride-to-be Bong Soon. Don’t they make a beautiful couple?


Congratulations Bong Bong and Min Min couple! You will forever remain in our hearts. We may be sad that the show is over, but we’ll look forward to the next drama to bring you two together again!

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