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5 Super Junior Songs That Will Make You Fall In Love All Over Again

Super Junior has been in the game for an impressive number of years now! Debuting in 2005, the group has explored various genres, experimented with different concepts and sub-units, and ventured into fields that go far beyond music.

Considering how long they have been around, the ups and downs of their career, the overwhelming amount of recognition they have received, and all the activities they have been doing, it can be difficult to recall exactly how they made you feel during that first moment when you realized you had fallen for them.

Evoke the memories from “way back when”  and fall in love all over again with these five songs!

1) “Marry U” (Don’t Don, 2007)

Arguably the ultimate Super Junior love song, “Marry U” is a sweet confession and a proposal to their lover. The lyrics describe a lasting love, a gratefulness to be able to love and be loved, and a promise to keep that love true as you start a new chapter of together.

2) “All My Heart” (Bonamana, 2010)

This track from Super Junior expresses a deep happiness and gratitude at finding someone who chases away the sadness in their life. The overwhelming emotions just by being with their loved one and the pure feeling that there is nothing more valuable to them than the person they love, all it is poured sincerely into performing the song.

3) “No Other” (Bonamana, 2010)

“No Other” is a confession song to someone who has a strong but kind heart. It describes how being with such a person is a gift that makes them feel so fortunate and if only their feelings were returned, it would make them the happiest person in the world.

4) “Angel” (Haru OST, 2010)

Super Junior is completely enamored with their lover in “Angel.” Making sweet promises and expressing sincere adoration, this song reverberates with emotions and was remade by the talented vocalists of BTOB for the Korean drama, “Cinderella and the Four Knights” (2016). Check out the video below to see some familiar faces, including Super Junior’s label mate Yunho of TVXQ!

5) “I Do” (Play, 2017)

Deemed by many as a song following the footsteps of the resident Super Junior classic “Marry U,”  this song’s lyrics simply reaffirm the promise of staying in love even as time goes by. The feeling of giddiness from the beginning and the determination to keep their love forever remains the same even with the passage of time.

Super Junior may be known for their popular dance tracks and upbeat songs and MVs but there are countless of ballads and slower tunes that are worthy of appreciation as well! With some of the best vocals in K-pop, it’s no wonder Super Junior fans can’t get enough of the group’s sweet love songs  and their dreams about a lasting relationship.

What other love songs by Super Junior do you like? Let us know which tracks are a must-have for K-pop fans’ playlists by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

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