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4 Reasons You Need To See Rookie Group M.O.N.T During Their First U.S. Tour

Rookie idol group M.O.N.T is coming to the U.S. this week for their first American tour! In fact, their first stop starts today in Los Angeles. Whether you’re already a fan or just now learning about this group, we highly recommend that you check out one of their shows!

With a total of five cities on their tour, the group will also be visiting New York, Atlanta, Dallas, and Chicago with the help of the production company ATLocal. In fact, they just arrived from a show in Columbia and will be holding 12 different shows in Europe after their U.S. tour comes to an end. So get ready, K-pop fans! Read on to find out more about this charming group and find out the top four reasons why you definitely need to go to one of the stops on their tour!

1) Even before their debut, they had
an established fanbase!

The name M.O.N.T is the abbreviation for Members Of the National Team, showing their determination to become national representatives of Korean pop music! The group is in fact a trio made up of member Narachan, Bitsaeon, and Roda. Although M.O.N.T dropped a pre-release single in 2017 and mini-album in 2018, the talented group just recently made their official debut with “Will You Be My Girlfriend” on January 4, 2019, under FM Entertainment.

Before their debut, the trio had already gained a fanbase due in part to their fun YouTube channel where they upload lots of covers that show off their amazing vocal skills and rap both in English and Korean. They were then cast as part of the YG Entertainment show “MIXNINE,” which helped cement their reputation as talented trainees who had a lot to offer through their music. From there, they began to tour various places for fan meetings and special performances, including shows in Mexico, India, Poland, and more! In fact, they even became the first K-pop group to ever perform in Israel!

2) They had a very unique training experience!

The group is unique due to the fact that their training period took place in the mountains. About two-and-a-half hours away from downtown Seoul, there is a large island named Ganghwa. It was there in those island mountains that they began training as “organic” idols for one year.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city’s distractions, the members dedicated themselves to training hard in all aspects of idol life. As their fanbase grew to be mostly among international fans, they also began learning others languages. Narachan is the best English speaker in the group, but the others also speak conversational English and use it often to communicate with fans. Meanwhile, Roda was raised in China and speaks perfect Chinese. The group has also worked hard to learn to sing in other languages to please their fans. In fact, they are known to be able to sing (as well as speak some) in Polish, Hindi, Hebrew, and more.

3) They’re very talented musicians and singers!

As stated previously, watching their cover songs on YouTube is enough to convince anyone of their great musical talent. However, their talents extend even further than that, even at their rookie stage. Bitsaeon is the main vocal and shared that he would have become a vocal coach if he hadn’t made his debut. He can even yodel as well! Click here to hear his gorgeous vocals on a cover of Adele’s hit track “Someone Like You.”

Meanwhile, Roda is a composer and lyricist who has already made his contributions to M.O.N.T’s music! A talented artist who excelled in drawing, Roda studied at a fine arts school before quitting when he realized his greatest love was for making music instead. A fan of R&B and Soul, click here to listen to his cover of Sik-K’s track “Rendevous.”

Leader Narachan already had idol experience when he debuted with M.O.N.T since he was once a member of the K-pop group TROPHY. He can also play several instruments, including acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and drums. Click here to listen to Narachan play the guitar and sing with Bitaeson in their cover of Sam Smith’s track “I’m Not The Only One.”

4) They’ve already proven themselves to be capable entertainers at live shows!

Despite their rookie status, the shows they held in foreign countries quickly gained them more fans as they entertained the crowd with their musical ability, as well as their funny and charming personalities. Performing in smaller venues, they provide fans with an intimate, unique concert experience that feels like you’re with friends more than idols from a far-away music scene in Korea.

In Poland especially, the group has found great popularity due to their high-energy shows, great talent, and cool music. Combining this with the fact that their U.S. tour is produced by the company ATLocal, the same people who made fans fall in love when they brought BAIKAL to America, this tour is bound to continue the fun here in the USA before heading on to the European leg of their tour.

Will you be going to see M.O.N.T this tour? Who is your bias and what are you looking forward to hearing the trio sing?

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Media: FM Entertainment