WATCH: BAE173 Encounters Blooming Emotions In “Crush on U” Debut MV

 WATCH: BAE173 Encounters Blooming Emotions In “Crush on U” Debut MV

On November 19th at 6 p.m. KST, Pocketdol Studio officially launched their latest idol group, BAE173!

Their debut track titled “Crush on U” is an R&B track that was written and composed by GALACTIKA (a production team that has worked with artists like TWICE, ITZY, and more). The song expresses the shock and awe of falling hard for someone at first sight, erasing all the previous resentment and prejudice they had about love.

In addition to the title track, INTERSECTION: SPARK also contains four more songs for curious listeners to check out.

BAE173 is composed of members Dohyon, Bit, Doha, Youngseo, Muzin, J-Min, Yoojun, Junseo, and Hangyul. Dohyon and Hangyul were previously part of the “Produce X 101” line-up for X1 but after their unfortunate disbandment, the two went on to promote as H&D before eventually re-debuting in BAE173.

Watch the music video here!

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MEDIA: Pocketdol Studio

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