M.O.N.T’s Bitsaeon Reveals He Will Enlist Later This Month

 M.O.N.T’s Bitsaeon Reveals He Will Enlist Later This Month

Bitsaeon, main vocalist and youngest member of boy group M.O.N.T, will be joining the army on November 30th KST.

The news was revealed by the singer himself on November 16th KST through a handwritten letter on the group’s official fancafe and was later confirmed in a detailed statement by his agency, FM Entertainment.

Bitsaeon is the first member of the group to enlist in the military. Meanwhile, members Narachan and Roda will be focusing on individual activities.

Read Bitsaeon’s heartwarming letter to M.O.N.T’s faithful fandom called “MINT” below:

Hello! MINTs!

Today I have something important to tell MINTs so I lifted my pen. Before writing about this I thought over and over about how and what is the best way to tell you guys about this worry of mine. 
First, I am very sorry to you guys for bringing this sudden news. I will be entering the army this year November 30th. 

With this sudden news it was hard for me to tell you guys with so little time left already. I also needed some time to gain the confidence to face it so I feel very sorry about bringing this news to you guys so late. 

This is something that I must do and a responsibility for all men in Korea. At the same time, I think it could be a chance for me to quickly finish up my military service so that when I come back to M.O.N.T I can put my full focus on being M.O.N.T. 

M.O.N.T will be promoting for 10, 20, 30 years and we will be a team that will never leave your side so don’t worry. I would think the longer we are together the harder it will be for me to be separated from you guys anyways. Though, I am still very worried that many MINTs will be shocked by this sudden news. 

For me, debuting as a part of M.O.N.T until now has been a very special and precious time for me.
Even though with the unpredicted events this year we weren’t able to be physically close to MINTs. You guys always made me felt like we were together this whole time and it was a great year to spend together. 

Now all the members will be finishing up this year with their own schedules in their own ways. 
As for me I will also do so by going to the army to fulfil and finish my responsibility in order to come back to you guys.  

Even though it may feel like a long time but compared to the time that M.O.N.T and MINT will spend together in the future I think this will be very short. So MINTs please trust me! And trust M.O.N.T and we hope you guys support us to the very end. 

I will always be cheering on you guys in the military too and I promise to come back to be even cooler and to be someone that everyone can rely on. 

M.O.N.T and the MINTs who are always with us is a whole team that will become even greater in the future. For a little while we will be at our separate locations working hard, and we will meet again soon as a greater version of us. 

Thank you for trusting and supporting me who is still lacking until now.
Please take care of me in the future too. I will be right back!!!! Wait just a bit!

To my friends that I love dearly and always can rely on ; Forever MINT.

Bitsaeon (M.O.N.T)

FM Entertainment’s statement reads:

Hello, This is FM Entertainment. 

M.O.N.T member Bitsaeon will be enlisting for his mandatory military service on November 30th 2020.

As a Korean citizen it is deemed that he can no longer can delay the entrance of military so it has been decided for him to enlist to the military on the above date.

Thank you for all the love and support that MINTs has been sending us until now since before debut. Bitsaeon will safely finish his military service and come back as a member of M.O.N.T. As soon as his military service is over we promise to support him in future promotions in every way. 

At this time, Roda is schedule for an appearance in a program and is busily in preparations, and leader Narachan will also be in preparation for future promotions. 

Please give your support for M.O.N.T and wish for Bitsaeon’s safe comeback.

FM Entertainment

M.O.N.T recently wrapped up their 2020 music projects which saw the group releasing two new tracks every month, including solo songs from each member, through Aqua Tape and Burgundy Tape respectively.

The monthly singles resulted in the eventual release of their third mini-album titled Listen Up! as well as a couple of digital fansign events and an online concert. The latter event “SHOW-CON” is available to buy and rewatch (complete with English subtitles and a digital program book with unreleased photos) on the FM Entertainment website

We wish Bitsaeon and M.O.N.T every success in enlistment and future activities!

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MEDIA: FM Entertainment

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