IMFACT Leader Jian Enlists In The Military

 IMFACT Leader Jian Enlists In The Military

On November 16th KST, leader of Star Empire boy group IMFACT Lee Jian, began his military service.

The rapper first announced his enlistment plans back in September through the group’s official fancafe. Similar to fellow member Jeup, he wanted to give fans ample notice so they could make more memories together before the departure date. 

Along with pictures and videos on the fancafe showing the entire group present to send off Jian, member Taeho shared this sweet snap with himself and youngest member Ungjae on his Instagram story, doting on their beloved leader with the caption: “Take care of yourself.”

The group also shared this heartwarming video of Jian waving goodbye on IMFACT’s twitter account, posting it with a short message: “Brave Jian went in safely.”

We wish Jian all the very best with his enlistment! 

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MEDIA: Star Empire

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