VIXX’s N Leaves Jellyfish Entertainment + Signs With Acting Agency 51K

 VIXX’s N Leaves Jellyfish Entertainment + Signs With Acting  Agency 51K

VIXX‘s N has officially left Jellyfish Entertainment.

After being with the label for many years during his time with the legendary boy group VIXX, N (who also goes by his real name Cha Hakyeon) has left the company to begin a new journey.

The news was revealed by Jellyfish Entertainment on November 3rd KST. They stated the N’s contract with the company had expired and after many discussions, it was mutually decided to part ways. They went on to assure fans, however, that N would still promote as a member of VIXX.

In their statement, they thanked fans for all their love and support of VIXX and asked for fans to continue to cheer N on in his future activities as well. They also thanked N as well by saying, “We would like to sincerely express our thanks to N for the trust that was built between us during the long years of working together. Jellyfish will sincerely cheer N on in his future activities.”

In the meantime, N himself also revealed a letter to fans on Instagram concerning the news. He uploaded a handwritten letter in Korean, as well as a translation in English for his global fans. In it, he thanks fans for the many years of love and support during his time as a member of VIXX. He also talks about some of the special memories he had made and assured fans that if there is ever a chance to stand onstage with VIXX again, he is ready for that opportunity. Read his letter below.

Cr. @achahakyeon

“After due consideration and discussion with the VIXX members, I have made the decision that I will not be going forward with the renewal of my contract with the current agency and will be signing with a new agency in order to challenge myself further. I apologise for the sudden news. I wanted to deliver this directly to STARLIGHT who would have been very surprised by the news articles.

The day of VIXX’s debut in 2012, the day the official fanclub STARLIGHT was established, and the first time I met Startlights at the KSPO DOME which I have always dreamed about since I was young.

From the day I cried with joy with STARLIGHT after coming no.1 at KBS MusicBank, when I did my first individual fan meeting, ‘Achahakyeon,’ and until I was discharged from the military recently. A long time has passed, but I vividly remember all the moments we spent together as if it was yesterday.

Even though I was never perfect, I was able to fill in the gaps and felt reassured because STARLIGHT was always there to support, laugh and cry with me.

I was lucky to have met you guys as VIXX’s N and was so happy for the last 8 years.

Thank you and thank you again.

Although I am leaving my agency where I have spent the last 10 years, from my time as a trainee before debut, I support the individual activities of the members who have respected my decision. If the day comes when we are able to go on stage as VIXX, I will do my best to make the stage shine.

I will try my best to show my development to STARLIGHT and VIXX members, who have given me strength and consolation through the happy and sad times, so that my current decision and determination will not be shameful or regretful.

(Let’s fight Covid19) and until the day we meet, be healthy and well!

No matter how many times I say this it will never be enough to STARLIGHT. Thank you and thank you again.

From Hak-Yeon Cha.”

Shortly after the news of N leaving Jellyfish, it was revealed that he has now signed with 51k, an agency known mostly for housing actors such as So Ji Sub, 2PM‘s Ok Taecyeon, Lee Seung Woo, and more. The label confirmed the news by revealing they have signed an exclusive contract with N. As such, it appears N, who has already appeared in numerous dramas such as “Familiar Wife” and “Children of Nobody,” will continue to pursue acting activities in the future as well.

VIXX debuted in 2012 as a six-member group. They are well known for their impressive concepts as a performance group since they dedicate themselves to every aspect of their music releases from vocals, choreography, costumes, and more. N is now the second member of the group to leave Jellyfish Entertainment while still maintaining his status as an active member of VIXX. Fellow member Ravi left the company in May 2019 to establish his own company.

Meanwhile, Hongbin left the group in August of 2020. The remaining members all renewed their contracts with Jellyfish Entertainment in 2019. However, apart from a special single “Walking” in February of 2019, the group’s last comeback with an album was with Eau de VIXX in 2018.

Following the release of their single “Walking,” both Leo and N enlisted in the military. In 2020, Ken became the third member to enlist. Meanwhile, maknae Hyuk made his solo debut and is also an actor as well.

We wish N and all of the other members of VIXX the best of luck in their future endeavors and hope for the day when they can stand onstage together once more.

Media: Jellyfish Entertainment

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